• Test de dépistage du chlore total dans l'huile usée

Test de dépistage du chlore total dans l'huile usée

CLOR-D-TECT 1000 under USEPA SW-846 Method 9077, provides a "go, no-go" result at a level of 1000 ppm chlorine. Used oil transporters, generators and facilities that recycle or re-refine used oil can incorporate Clor-D-Tect 1000 into their management of waste oil to prevent costly hazardous waste from being mixed with non-contaminated oil. Generators can identify and label their waste oil hazardous or non-hazardous, for proper management and disposal. Designed for use on-site, the test takes less than 5 minutes to run with no special training. Each kit comes complete to perform one test, and all premeasured reagents are sealed in glass ampules. Clor-D-Tect 1000 has proven to be an ideal test to spot-check oil before it is transported, accepted or introduced into larger holding tanks. Clor-D-Tect 1000 has been assigned ASTM Method D-5384 and USEPA SW-846 Method 9077.

Analytes :
Matrix :
Detection Method :
Action Levels :
Interferences :
Analysis Time
Chlorine Chlorinated Organics
Used Oil, Solvents, Organic Liquids
Fixed endpoint colorimetric titration titration
Above or below the 1000 ppm regulatory limit
Sulfur may cause false positive results
Less than 5 minutes