• Agitateur de laboratoire de Velp

Agitateur de laboratoire de Velp

Better Performance, Higher Resistance, Digital Display
  • Soft start and intensive mixing at high speed, up to 2000 rpm
  • Ideal for volumes up to 25 litres and medium viscosities, up to 25,000 mPa*s
  • Digital display, with continuous monitoring of speed, time and torque
  • Extremely versatile, many stirring shafts available

VELP Scientifica powerful overhead stirrers can accomplish the most demanding tasks whilst providing soft start and intensive mixing.

The technopolymer structure ensures optimum chemical resistance and enhanced handling, preventing any possible rust and being extremely light. The robust motor ensures years of continuous operation, with no extra costs for maintenance.

DLS is an extremely performing overhead stirrer, suitable for advanced requirements in terms of volume (25 litres), viscosities (25,000 mPa*s) and torque (40 Ncm). The settable speed can be regulated at any time, up to 2000 rpm. In addition, DLS guides the user with an extremely bright and easy to read display. DLS is also equipped with an electronic system that keeps the stirring speed constant, even when liquid viscosity changes (counter-reaction).

Easy, quick set-up and slim casting, with minimum requirements in terms of space on the bench. The “easy chuck” is extremely intuitive and easy to close, without the need of any tool.

Features and Benefits
Extremely Settable
Speed can be regulated at any time and timer ensures unattended operation as it can be set up to 999:59 minutes, with automatic switch off.
Bright Display
All the most important parameters at a glance, including speed set, real speed, torque and timer.
All of our solutions have been accurately designed and manufactured for offering the longest lifespan available, even in the worst operating conditions.
All the VELP Scientifica overhead stirrers work in accordance with the highest safety standard (IP 40). Equipped with overload, overcurrent and overtemperature protection.
Can accommodate many shafts with up to 10 mm diameter, with the “easy chuck”.
Quiet operation ensured.


Technical Data
Construction material technopolymer structure
Stirring speed up to 2000 rpm
Counter-reaction constant speed even when liquid viscosity changes
Stirring volume (H2O) up to 25 liters
Maximum torque 40 Ncm
Maximum viscosity 25,000 mPa*s
Digital display real speed, set speed, time and torque monitoring
Chuck range 1 - 10 mm
Protection overload, overcurrent, overtemperature
Safety standard CEI EN 60529 IP40
Power 120 W
Weight 2,5 Kg (5,5 lb)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 80 x 215 x 196 mm (3.1 x 8.5 x 7.7 in)


Ordering Information
Code No. Description
F201A0155 DLS Overhead stirrer 80-260V/50-60Hz

Many stirring shafts available.
Stirring shafts must be chosen considering the power of the stirrer, the volume of the substances to be stirred and its viscosity.