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    Biosafey Cabinets

Biosafey Cabinets

Class II A2

EN 12469

  • Full-Color Microcomputer Touch Panel
  • Multiple Protection Design Increases Security Level Significantly
  • ECM Brushless Dc Motor with Excellent Energy Efficiency 

Each Biosafety Cabinet has been put through 8 performance tests, a UV lighting intensity test and 3 electrical safety tests before leaving th e factory.

Full-Color Microcomputer Touch Panel 

Graphical user interface design. Easy to operate. Provides user with a better view of real-time operation status through the screen. Ideal to access various functions and parameter settings. Real-time digital display of inflow velocity, downflow velocity, HEPA filter pressure, and usage time of HEPA filters and UV lamp.

Multiple Protection Design Increases Security Level Significantly 

Double-wall cabinet structures. Contaminated area surrounded with negative pressure to fully prevent leakage of contaminated air. Supply/exhaust HEPA filter 99.99% efficiency @0.3 micron (class h14).  Control systems and pipelines completely isolated from contaminated areas for convenient and safe maintenance.

ECM Brushless Dc Motor with Excellent Energy Efficiency 

Biosafety cabinets with the world's highest ECM rating for brushless dc motor; multiple energy - saving, stability, high efficiency and low maintenance characteristic

  1. Constant air flow design adjusts air pressure automatically providing stable air flow to extend the HEPA filter life.
  2. High torque design and superior efficiency. lt can transport more air volume and pressure than traditional AC motors.
  3. More than 80% of the output power is converted into kinetic energy to achieve amazing energy-savings.
  4. Stable motor output which is not sensitive to external voltage surges can withstand 6KV surge circuit.Applied case design protects internal electronic components from dust pollution.
  5. Low operation temperature to extend the motor life.

User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance

  1. Apply Key to switch power for operator security control. 
  2. Ergonomic 10 degrees angle window design. Reduces operation discomfort over long-term use of limbs and eye strain. 
  3. Work area and work tray are fabricated in one single-piece of stainless steel with rounded corners designed to reduce particulate adhesion and for easy cleaning and maintenance. 
  4. Patented HEPA filter fixation design for a more secure locking device. 
  5. Can replace HEPA filters rapidly from the front of cabinet quickly and easily. 
  6. Pioneered single-piece stainless steel design of work tray with front grille. The front grille Arc increases the fluency of the inflow air. lt can be used as an armrest and eliminates the need for additional armrest fittings. 
  7. Removable single-piece work tray can be easily removed for cleaning and collection of spilled liquid.

lnnovative surrounded air intake grille design. All contaminated air in the work area is enclosed inside the cabinet. No safety dead end; the safety of personnel is never compromised.

Cabinet Type 3 feet 4 feet 5 feet 6 feet
International Certification  EN12469
 ISO 9001:2008
External Dimensions W*D*H 1034*789*1537 mm 1334*789*1537 mm 1634*789*1537 mm 1934*789*1537 mm
(without support stand 660mm)
Internal Dimensions W*D*H 920*626*749 mm 1220*626*749 mm 1520*626*749 mm 1820*626*749 mm
Cabinet Main Construction Stainless Steel#304
Air Flow 70% recirculated / 30% exhausted
Window Operation Height 20 cm , 25 cm
Ave. Inflow Velocity 0.51 m/s
Ave. Downflow Velocity 0.275 m/s 0.275 m/s 0.275 m/s 0.275 m/s
Exhaust Air Volume with Exhaust Canopy 12 m³/min ,  16 m³/min ,  20 m³/min ,  24 m³/min , 
15 m³/min 20 m³/min 25 m³/min 30 m³/min
Supply/Exhaust HEPA Filter 99.99% @0.3 micron (Class H14)
Light Intensity > 1,000 lux
Sound Level < 60 dBA < 60 dBA < 62 dBA < 62 dBA
UV Lamp 254 nm / FL 20W*1 254 nm / FL 30W*1 254 nm / FL 40W*1 254 nm / FL 20W*2
Fluorescent Lamp T5 / 14W*2 T5 / 28W*2 T5 / 35W*2 T5 / 21W*4
Window Glass 6mm tempered glass
Electrical Outlets North America (UL Listed), Europe / Worldwide (CE Certified)
Optional Accessories ● IV bar with 6 hooks
● Service valves (air, gas, vacuum), CSA Certified
● Exhaust canopy
Room Height Suggested 227cm at least
Power Consumption 115V / 10A 405 W 430 W 445 W 650 W
230V / 7A 405 W 430 W 445 W 650 W
Net Weight, kg 232 kg 275 kg 295 kg 340 kg
Shipping Weight, kg 266 kg 318 kg 342 kg 392 kg
Shipping Dimensions W*D*H 1100*850*1910 mm 1400*850*1910 mm 1700*850*1910 mm 2000*850*1910 mm