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    Portable Meter Kit

Portable Meter Kit

with LDO101 Dissolved Oxygen Probe and PHC101 pH Electrode

  • - HQ40d
  • Stores all calibrations in the probe
  • Designed for demanding conditions
  • Includes everything you need to start testing

  • Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ40d portable meter is an advanced meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements.

    HQd meters connect with smart probes that automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time. The durable portable meter and optional rugged probes are designed to withstand years of rugged portable and field use. HQd meters feature a simple user interface that does not require manuals or training to operate.

    • Portable meter measures critical water quality parameters - without the need for multiple instruments
    • Intuitive user interface for simple operation and accurate results
    • Trust your measurements - IntelliCAL™ smart probes store all calibrations in the probe
    • Designed for demanding conditions
    • Convenient kit includes everything you need to start testing
    AC Power Adapter and USB/DC Adapter:Included
    Automatic Buffer Recognition:Yes
    Barometric Pressure Measurement:Automatic compensation of DO when using an LDO or LBOD probe
    Calibration:Demal (1D/ 0.1D/ 0.01D);
    Molar (0.1M/ 0.01M/0.001M);
    NaCl (0.05%; 25µS/cm; 1000µS/cm; 18mS/cm);
    Standard sea water;
    User defined
    Calibration Intervals/Alerts/Reminder:Off, Selectable from 2 hours to 7 days
    Compliance Certifications:CE.WEEE
    Conductivity measurement:Yes
    Conductivity measurement: Temperature correction:None; Linear; NaCl Non-Linear Natural Water.
    Conductivity Measurement Range:0.01 µS/cm - 200.0 mS/cm
    Conductivity resolution:0.01 µS/cm - 0.1 mS/cm upon selected measuring range
    Contents:Meter + Probe(s) + Field Accessories
    Custom Calibration Standards:Yes
    Data Export:Download via USB connection to PC or flash memory device. Automatically transfer entire data log or as readings are taken.
    Data Memory:500 records/FIFO
    Data Storage:Automatic, GLP ISO compliant reading data stored with calibration details.
    Digital (intelligent) electrode inputs:2 channels
    Display:Detailed mode/Large mode
    Display Lock Function:Continuous / Auto-stabilization ("press to read") / At Interval
    Display Type:240 x 160 pixel LCD with backlight illumination
    DO Measurement Range:0.1 - 20.0 mg/L (ppm) 1 - 200% saturation
    DO Resolution:0.1