• Power supply for protein electrophoresis

Power supply for protein electrophoresis

  • - PS1006P

  • 1000V, 600mA, 300Watts
  • Constant voltage
  • Constant current
  • Timer and integrator
  • Simultaneous display of volts, mA, Watts (or ° C), minutes and Volts / hour on a display of high visibility.
  • Four possible control modes: constant voltage, constant current, constant power, or limited temperature.
  • It is possible to set a constant parameter and limit others (including temperature) to preset values.
  • Automatic change of parameter stabilized when the preset limits are reached stabilized parameter flashes.
  • Automatic restart in the event of mains power failure during an experiment.
  • When power is restored, an alarm will sound for 10 seconds. The START mode retriggers then automatically to the preset values.
  • Recommended for sequencing DNA / RNA safely at night.


  • 16 simple programs with a migration time and automatic stop the flow.
  • 8 sequenced programs, each comprising up to 9 parameter groups merging
  • 1 program dedicated to low intensity electrophoresis (<1mA as IEF)


A temperature sensor connected to the generator is applied against the outer glass plate of the sequencer. A temperature limit (0 ° to 99 ° C) can be set instead of a power limit. During the migration, when the preset limit value is reached, the charged voltage automatically decreases until the temperature of the glass plate (on which the measurement is carried out) is less than the preset limit.


Range / Resolution

10-1000V / 10V
15μA, 600mA / 1mA
0.3-300watts / 1watt
0-99 ° C / 1 ° C
1-99999V-hour / 1V-hour
1-9999min. / 1 min.

Minimum values ​​Regulated 10V, 1 mA, 1 watt
Range Display / Resolution 0-3000V / 10V
0-300mA / 1mA
0-300watts / 1watt
0-99 ° C / 1 ° C
1-99999V-hour / 1V-hour
1-9999min. / 1 min.
Minimum flow 10V, 15μA, 0.3W
Fault Detection Storp and audible alarm
Current range with program # 28 0-600mA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 27 x 34 x 11
Body Weight 4kg
119050 Power supply for protein electrophoresis pattern PS1006P