• Pipeteur


  • Pour pipette de verre ou plastique de  0.1 to 200mL
  • Pesant seulement 190g (6.7oz.)
  • Indicateur de piles faibles

The BRAND accu-jet pro pipette controller incorporates comfort and performance features that make it one of the most popular pipette controllers in the market.

  • Comfort: The accu-jet pro is contoured for better fit for small and large hands. Its light weight and well balanced for low-fatigue pipetting.
  • Control: Pressure-sensitive buttons control pipetting speed, plus a motor-speed-limiter control thumbwheel adds extra assurance with pipettes as small as 0.1mL.
  • Charge Indicator: Don’t worry about your pipette controller failing on you in the middle of your work. An LED indicates when approximately 2 hours of charge time is left. Instrument can be operated while charging.
  • Advanced Electronics: The accu-jet pro features a long-life, environmentally-friendly Nickel-Metal hydride battery, with a special pulsed-mode charger to eliminate “lazy-battery effect.” Instrument supplies approximately 8 hours of continuous pipetting (with a 10mL pipette) without recharging! LED indicates low battery.
  • Ergonomic Design: The accu-jet pro weighs only 190g (6.7oz.) and features a smoothly curved shape to eliminate pressure points for operator comfort.
  • Corrosion Protection: A built-in check valve protects against liquid penetration. The unique active vapor exhaust system vents externally to protect internal components.

User-accessible battery compartment

Easy-access battery compartment makes changes a snap! Two covers are included - one with ridges to allow inverted storage of the accu-jet pro on the bench.

Low battery indicator

Red LED lights up when there are two hours of pipetting left in the battery.

Mode switch

Select either powered delivery for tissue and cell culture applications, or gravity delivery for analytical applications.

Motor speed control thumbwheel

Adjust maximum pipetting speed for enhanced control with small volume pipettes.

Hydrophobic filter

Includes 0.2µm filter for tissue and cell culture applications. Optional 3µm filters are available for pipetting to Class A tolerances.

Silicone adapter (inside)

The silicone adapter with a built-in check valve provides a firm fit for glass and plastic pipettes from 0.1 to 200mL with a suction tube outer diameter of max. 9.2mm and reduces risk of over-aspiration. Adapter support, silicone adapter and integral membrane filter are autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF).

Intuitive push-button control

Press gently for smooth, slow aspiration or dispensing, press more for increased speed. Use in conjunction with the motor-speed control thumbwheel for unsurpassed control for small and large volume pipettes.

Charging socket

The charging socket is conveniently located on the bottom of the grip, keeping the cord out of the way when charging and pipetting simultaneously.

Sculpted grip

Contoured grip eliminates pressure points for comfort in small and large hands.

Relaxed Operation

Mission: Control

The accu-jet pro adds a motor speed limiter to the pressure-sensitive buttons to provide accurate, intuitive control for the complete spectrum of pipettes from 0.1mL to 200mL. Two different modes — gravity and powered delivery — greatly expand the range of application.

  • Filling
    Simply adjust the overall pipetting speed using the speed limiter thumbwheel, and use the upper button to bring liquid into the pipette; the powerful internal pump can draw 50mL in less than ten seconds. Aspiration speed is continuously variable by button pressure within the maximum limit set by the thumbwheel. Thumbwheel can be adjusted during use.
  • Gravity-delivery mode
    Free descent of meniscus for volumetric accuracy — ideal for analytical applications.
  • Power-delivery mode
    Continuously adjustable dispensing speed from powered stream to dropwise dispensing including soft blowout — ideal for tissue culture applications.


Dual-mode charger provides a quick charging of the environmentally friendly NiMH battery in only four hours. After the full charge is complete, the charger switches automatically to a pulsed mode, to eliminate “lazy battery effect.” The accu-jet pro is fully functional during recharging.


Ridged battery cover allows inverted storage of the instrument on the benchtop. To save bench space, an included wall support comes with snap tapes for easy cleaning.

Speed limiter for extra assurance

For extra protection against over-aspiration or excessively powered discharge, set the speed limiter dial at low. For faster or larger volume, set at high. Pipette controller buttons still provide touch-sensitive speed control within the selected speed range.

Available in colors

The accu-jet pro comes in four different color accents for personal preference or color-coding by laboratory or application. Select from Dark Blue, Magenta, Green or Royal Blue.

Operating limits

Temperature of instrument and reagents must be between 10° and 40°C (50° and 104°F).

Items supplied

The accu-jet pro pipette controller is supplied with:

  • Wall support, gray
  • NiMH battery
  • Two battery covers; one smooth, one ridged
  • Two spare, sterile* 0.2μm membrane filters
  • Charger (120V/60Hz models listed, others available)
  • Operating manual
  • One-year warranty
accu-jet pro Cat. No.
Dark Blue 26330
Magenta 26331
Green 26332
Royal Blue 26333
accu-jet pro accessory Cat. No.
Wall support, gray 26540
Silicone adapter with PTFE check valve 26508
Spare NiMH battery 26630
AC adapter, 100-240V, 50-60Hz, US plug 26603
Snap tapes, 12x65mm 26542
Membrane filter, 0.2µm, sterile*, each 26530
Membrane filter, 0.2µm, non-sterile, pack of 10 26535
Membrane filter, 3µm, non-sterile, each 26052
Membrane filter, 3µm, non-sterile, pack of 10 26056

*sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO)