• Ensemble de culture pour indicateur biologique

Ensemble de culture pour indicateur biologique

Releasat® is a biological indicator culturing kit containing MesaStrip™ paper strip biological indicators and culture tubes of specially formulated soybean casein digest culture medium containing a color indicator which turns a dramatic yellow when spores grow. Releasat® culture kits are available for monitoring industrial steam, ethylene oxide and dry heat and chlorine dioxide sterilization processes.

The color indicator provides visual results within 24 hours (steam), 48 hours (ClO2) or 72 hours (EO) as opposed to the standard seven days.

Releasat® medium is used to culture the MesaStrip in place of “generic” soybean casein digest medium and provides a more rapid read-out. Each lot of Releasat® culture tubes are quality control tested with appropriate MesaStrips.

  • 24 hour results (steam)
  • 72 hour results (EO)
  • 48 hour results (ClO2)
  • Dramatic color change
Storage Certification
Store at room temperature. MesaStrip biological indicators are traceable to a recognized culture collection and certified for population. D-value and performance using Releasat® media. Each set includes Mesa-Strips and Releasat® media.


Ordering Information
Species Use Catalog # Min. Population Sets/Box
G. stearothermophilus Steam RS6/100 1.0 x 106 100
B. atrophaeus EO/Dry RG/100 1.0 x 106 100
B. atrophaeus ClO2 ACD/100 & RM/100 1.0 x 106 100