• Nimbus High Precision Balances / Scales

Nimbus High Precision Balances / Scales

  • Removable draft shield supplied on 0.001g readabilities
  • External calibration
  • Level indicator with adjustable levelling feet

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Designed for scientists, the Nimbus series of balances offers a product.range of models that deliver a full breadth of precision readabilities ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g.

Innovative design enables a reduction of the balance’s footprint, so it occupies less space but retains the highest level of performance. A single piece of extruded aluminum forms the balance base. The aluminum provides superior thermal transfer for a more regulated temperature, while the solid core is more rigid, offering greater stability and enabling highly repeatable results. The internal mechanism is fabricated using hardened materials, helping the Nimbus tolerate rigorous laboratory use. 


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Colour coded keys
  • Robust metal housingSealed keypad​
  • Pan lifter to easily remove samples


  • Weighing
  • Parts counting
  • Percentage weighing
  • Animal / dynamic weighing
  • Density determination
ModelCapacity (g)Readability (g)Platform size
NBL 223e 2200,0014.7″ Ø / 120mm Ø
NBL 423e 4200,0014.7″ Ø / 120mm Ø
NBL 623e6200,0016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 1602e16000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 2602e26000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 3602e36000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 4602e46000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 4201e42000,16.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 6201e62000,16.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 8201e82000,16.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 223i2200,0014.7″ Ø / 120mm Ø
NBL 423i4200,0014.7″ Ø / 120mm Ø
NBL 623i6200,0016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 823i8200,0016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 1602i16000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 2602i26000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 3602i36000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 4602i46000,016.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø