Polyethylene Dippers

Polyethylene Dippers

  • 16 or 32 oz. (500 ml or 1,000 ml)
  • 1 1/2, 3, 6 or 12-ft handle

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High-density polyethylene dippers for removing samples from large tanks. Lightweight and durable.

Comfortable, secure hand grip. 12-ft. (3.66 m) handle (two pieces) has a wood core. Has two pour spouts and graduations, PVC grip handle. Dippers are not autoclavable.


Catalog No.:Bowl SizeHandle LengthQuantity / Pack
1 Piece Handle
F36780-0016500ml (16oz)0.91m (3ft)1
F36780-00321000ml (32oz)0.91m (3ft)1
F36781-0016500ml (16oz)1.8m (6ft)1
F36781-00321000ml (32oz)1.8m (6ft)1
F36782-0116500ml (16oz)3.7m (12ft)1
F36782-01321000ml (32oz)3.7m (12ft)1
2 Piece Handle
F36782-0016500ml (16oz)3.7m (12ft)1
F36782-00321000ml (32oz)3.7m (12ft)1