PYREX Beakers

PYREX Beakers

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PYREX Beaker, Low Form, Double Scale, Graduated

Beaker, with spout, manufactured with uniform wall thickness, offers optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. For convenience, the 250 through 4000 mL beakers have a double graduated metric scale to indicate approximate content. All sizes have an extra large marking spot. The 10 mL size is not graduated.

Approx. CapacityGraduationApprox. O.D. xGraduation
Cat. No.(mL)Range (mL)Height (mm)Increment (mL)Qty/PkQty/Cs
1000-101025 x 321248
1000-20205-1532 x 4051248
1000-30305-2535 x 56101248
1000-505010-4042 x 56101248
1000-10010020-8050 x 72101248
1000-15015020-14057 x 86101248
1000-25025025-20068 x 90251248
1000-40040025-32577 x 110251248
1000-60060050-50090 x 12450636
1000-80080050-75098 x 13550624
1000-1L100050-1000108 x 15850624
1000-1XL1500200-1400121 x 166100416
1000-2L2000200-1800131 x 19310048
1000-3L3000250-2500146 x 21612516
1000-4L4000500-3500160 x 25025016
1000-PACK*Assortment Pack51 set

* A convenience pack containing one each of the most popular sizes of 1000 beaker. Designed for the low volume user, a case contains one each of five sizes; 50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 600 mL, and 1L. Packaged in a partitioned carton for safe transit and storage.

Reference: ASTM E-960.