• Digestion Block “Bloc-digest” Kjeldahl

Digestion Block “Bloc-digest” Kjeldahl


  • Minimal sample manipulation
  • Uniform heating.
  • Capacity to store 20 programs of 4 steps for temperature and time.
  • RS-232 port for temperature register and digestion programation from a PC.
  • Gas collection system that does not require special water jet pumps.
Supplied complete with:
  • 1 metal heater block.
  • 1 programmer for time and temperature
  • 1 tube support rack
  • 1 gas collector
  • Digestion tubes.

Information pour commander

Code produit Description No. of positions
JP4000629- Bloc Digest 6 6
JP4000630- Bloc Digest 12 12
JP4000631- Bloc Digest 20 20
JP4001047- Bloc Digest m 12 12
JP4001048- Bloc Digest m 24 24
JP4001049- Bloc Digest m 40 40

Accessories: Extraction System and Neutralization of Acid Vapours

Specially designed to absorb and neutralize vapours generated in the Kjedahl digestion processes. Extraction system and neutralization of vapours.

Composed of a “Scrubber unit” that blocks the passage and neutralizes the condensed acids, and a re-circulating water pump that produces sufficient vacuum to aspirate the vapours.

It is essential to put the “ Scrubber” unit together with the neutralizer solution between the digestion block and the re-circulating pump.

Reduces water consumption, no requirement for a constant connection for mains water. Prevents emission of gas vapours and acidic water to waste.

Low noise level (<65dBA). Re circulating pump made from chemically resistant materials
“Scrubber” unit
Part No. Height
(exterior) cm
(exterior) cm
(exterior) cm
4001611 32 31 16 2
It is supplied with 3 Kg. acid vapours neutralizer solution.
Spare part:
3 Kg. acid vapours neutralizer solution.
Part No. 4001610
Water recirculation vacuum pump
Part No. Height
(exterior) cm
(exterior) cm
(exterior) cm
level bar
Pump rate
4001612 44 39 28 0.98 10 10