• Kjeldahl Steam Distillation Unit

Kjeldahl Steam Distillation Unit

Determination of organic nitrogen - Automatic NaOH dosage and temporized stop

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Simple secure systematic analysis suitable for small to Medium throughput of samples.


  • Steam distillation system.
  • Compact steam generator with safety over temperature thermostat and over pressure device.
  • Safety door, the system will not operate if the door is open.
  • “Tube in place” sensor: if the tube is not located, the dosing process of NaOH will not take place.
  • Universal adapter for digestion/distillation tubes MACRO (Ø 42 mm) and MICRO (Ø 26mm)
  • Small footprint, saves bench top space: The H2O and NaOH reservoirs are placed within the unit.
  • Stainless steel case with reinforced ABS plastic front.
  • Automatic distillate titration kit


  • Low water level for the steam generator.
  • Safety door open or no distillation/digestion tube in place.
  • Steam generator over temperature.


Automation Sequences

  • Open and closure of cooling water to the cooling coil.
  • Automatic load of NaOH once the distillation has started.
  • Select NaOH volume.
  • Stop at the end of the pre-set programmed time

Additional Requierements

To complete Kjeldahl Nitrogen analysis a digestion block is also required. (see complementary products)


Part No.Height (cm)Width (cm)Depth (cm)Power (W)Weight (Kg)
Supplied with a MACRO Ø 42mm tube, set of reagent containers and tubing.
  • Measuring range: from 0.2 to 200 mg of Kjeldahl Nitrogen.
  • Programmable distillation time.
  • Nitrogen recovery >99.5%
  • Distillation speed: from 35-40ml/minute
  • Typical distillation time: from 7-10 minutes.
  • Water consumption rate: from 80-100 litres/Hr.
  • Steam generator water consumption: 2,5 Litres/ Hr.
  • Water reservoir for steam generator: 6 litres
  • NaOH reservoir: 2 Litres