• Weighing indicator stainless steel wasdown

Weighing indicator stainless steel wasdown

  • Ohaus - Defender 3000 - T32XW

Designed with affordability in mind for basic washdown applications, the T32XW NEMA4X/IP65 all stainless steel housing features a 120-hour internal rechargeable battery. The T32XW also features software for weighing and simple parts counting, a large high contrast backlit LCD display, and includes a stainless steel mounting bracket. Also included is a built-in bi-directional RS232C for printing or connection to PC.
  • lb, oz, lb:oz, kg and g weighing units
  • Adjustable filtering levels to meet the requirements of industrial environments
  • Ability to drive up to 4 350Ω load cells
Type Description
Construction IP65 Stainless steel housing
Design Features Hinged front cover for easy servicing, 20, 000d and up to 6, 000e
Display LCD with white LED backlight
Operation Internal universal power supply with internal rechargeable battery
Communication RS232 Interface


Units of Measurement
  • Gram
  • Kilogram
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Pound:Ounce


Application Modes
  • Weighing (5 units)
  • basic parts counting


Model Code Description
T32XW Defender 3000 Stainless Steel Washdown Indicator