• HAZMAT Weather Station

HAZMAT Weather Station

First Responder Weather Monitoring System

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The Rainwise HM-1 Weather Station provides real-time information for monitoring and responding to emergency situations

The station works in conjunction with CAMEO/ALOHA software which enables responders to evaluate and predict plume dispersion patterns. The HM-1 was designed for rapid deployment and can be setup by one person in less than 2 minutes. The HM-1 has been engineered to combine high performance and durability at an affordable price.  

Key Features

  • Rapid deployment in under 2 minutes
  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Long range spread spectrum radios
  • Real-time display
  • CAMEO/ALOHA support
  • 5-year Warranty

The HSA-1 Sensor Assembly

The compact sensor assembly is constructed from durable polycarbonate, fiberglass and aluminum. The assembly contains a number of sensors to measure commonly required parameters, such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. In addition to the aforementioned sensors, the HSA-1 also includes a radiation detector. This helps insure personnel safety when responding to an unknown incident. A built in electronic compass makes installation quick and easy with no alignment required. The coded long range spread spectrum radio has a range of up to 7 miles (11 km) (900 MHz version). This provides the ability to monitor environmental conditions at a safe distance. The assembly can be hosed down for easy decontamination.

The RDI-1 Display & Data Logger

The RDI-1 has large bright LED displays that can be easily read in low ambient light and have wide viewing angles. The RDI-1 tracks minimum and maximum values for each parameter. The data logger is compatible with the CAMEO/ALOHA plume modeling software package. The data logger has a battery backed up, real-time clock and 32K of non-volatile RAM which means data will not be lost when the unit is powered down. Data is logged even while CAMEO is being used.

The logged data can be retrieved and viewed with a number of other third party software applications. At least one of these applications is supplied with each RDI-1. The display and data logger are housed in a tough copolymer enclosure. The display can be powered from its own internal sealed lead acid batteries, 12VDC vehicle adapter or AC battery charger. Several RDI-1’s can receive data from a single HSA-1 sensor assembly.

Transport Case & Tripod

The entire HM-1 weather station fits into a single compact transport case. The station can be deployed and be fully operational in under two minutes. No tools are required and the tripod features a unique push button locking system that is secure and easy to use. The tripod is adjustable to a fully extended wind sensor height of 10 feet. A ground anchor kit is included to secure the station when the system is deployed in extreme weather conditions.

Wind Speed
Range0-67 ms-1 (0-150 mph)
Resolution0.45 ms-1 (1.0 mph)
Threshold0.45 ms-1 (1.0 mph)
Accuracy± 2% of full scale
Wind Direction
Range0-360 - no dead band
Range-45°C to 74°C (-50°F to +166°F)
Resolution1°C (1.0°F)
Accuracy± 0.27°C (± 0.5°F)
Dew Point
Range-45°C to 74°C (-50°F to +166°F)
Resolution1°C (1.0°F)
Accuracy±1.1°C (± 2.0°F)
Relative Humidity
Accuracy± 2.0 % (-40°C to +60°C)
Barometric Pressure
Range700 to 1100 millibars
(16.3 to 32 inches of Hg)
Resolution1 millibar (0.01 inches Hg)
Accuracy± 1.5 millibars (-10°C to +60°C)
Nuclear Radiation
Range0.1 to 50+ REMS / hours
Resolution0.1 REMS / hour
Radio Transmitter
(USA & Canada)
Range:7 miles – line of sight (11 km)
Frequency:902.0 to 928 Mhz
(FCC approved – no license required)
Range:3 miles – line of sight
Frequency:2.4 Ghz (FCC, CE and ETSI approved)
4 Alkaline D cells
Battery life:Greater than 1000 hours
Weight: 4 Kgs (8.8 lbs)
Dimensions: 1600 mm x 240 mm x 2400 mm
(63” x 9.5” x 9.5”)
0.56" Red LED displays
Serial Interface
3 Wire RS-232. CAMEO /ALOHA supported
Third party software support for archiving.
Data Logger Memory
32 KB Non-volatile RAM
Minimum logging interval:1 minute
Capacity90 days at 1 hour rate
Data Logger Clock
Battery backed up Real-time clock.
Accuracy1 minute per month
Internal sealed lead-acid battery pack.
AC powered option through battery charger
12VDC vehicle adapter.
Battery Life:Greater than 24 hours.
Weight4 Kg (8.8 lbs)
Dimensions311 mm x 190 mm x 120 mm
(12.25" x 7.5" x 4.75")
Copolymer resin based, high impact plastic.
Weight21 Kg (47 lbs)
(Complete system)
Dimensions914 mm x 483 mm x 356 xx
(36" x 19" x 14")
ConstructionCopolymer resin based, high impact plastic
Height10 feet (maximum)
Construction : Aluminum, fiber-glass and plastic
Copolymer resin based, high impact plastic.