• RS232 / RS485 Bluetooth serial adapter

RS232 / RS485 Bluetooth serial adapter

  • Class 1 Bluetooth radio
  • 100-meter range
  • Communicate with any Bluetooth-enabled device

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Stevens’ Shark serial cable replacement uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit critical data in industrial, medical, security and environmental monitoring applications

Its robust design handles many extreme environmental conditions. The Shark will communicate with another Shark or with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Shark is a Class 1 Bluetooth radio that provides a 100-meter range of communications. With an external antenna attachment and specific antenna options, you can increase the communication range between the Shark and other Bluetooth wireless-enabled devices. Unlike other RS 232 adapters, the Stevens Shark emulates the behavior of a serial cable connection by controlling the serial port and turning the serial port on only when a Bluetooth wireless connection is established.

The Shark includes an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery as an optional power source that provides approximately 4 hours of continuous operation in Bluetooth wireless connected mode. The Shark also incorporates LEDs that indicate various levels of connection and power status. Power management is an integral part of the Shark design, including the serial port control, idle mode, low operating current and a switch that turns off the power LED to conserve standby current.

In addition to built-in durability and flexibility, the Shark is designed for ease-of-use. It is pre-configured in slave mode to operate with most applications without any set-up procedures. The Shark Config Utility Software is an easy-to-use Windows application for configuration of the Shark to individual needs, including designating the Shark as a master device to control and discover other Bluetooth devices, assigning a unique device name and activating secure communications. The software can be used over a Bluetooth wireless link. No installation of drivers is required.

  • Turn any instrument with serial port into a Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Collect data from 100 meters away with smartphone or laptop
  • Designed for outdoor or indoor use
  • Boost range with multiple antenna options
  • Extend device life with Shark’s built-in power management
  • Robust electronics ideal for environmental or industrial applications
  • Programs in minutes with Windows-based software
  • Use internal or external power supply


Frequency Band

2.4 to 2.483 GHz

Modulation scheme


Receive sensitivity

-80 dBm, type for BER, 0.1%

Bluetooth Profiles

General Access Profile
Service Discovery Profile
Serial Port Profile



9600 bps


1200 to 115,200 bps

Flow control, default



Operating temperature

-40° to 80° C

Storage temperature

-40° to 90° C


5% to 95% non-condensing


Polycarbonate 48.8 x 85.7 x 20 mm


External Antenna

+2 dBi

RF Connector

Female SMA


50 ohm

Serial Connector

9-pin male D-SUB


Battery Type

Lithium ion rechargeable

Battery Life

Approximately 4 hours of continuous use

Number of Recharge Cycles



External Power Supply

6 to 15 VDC

Transmit Power

20 dBm max


Master mode

55 mA typical

Slave mode

4 mA typical