• Data Collection Software

Data Collection Software

FieldGenius increases efficiency in your daily workflow - it is the choice for organizations that value productivity.

NTRIP caster management allows you to save NTRIP settings for multiple casters. Switch casters without having to re-enter your login information every time.

FieldGenius linework is easier than any other data collection software

Code-free linework: Linework is created automatically without entering codes and is instantly displayed, eliminating the need for a separate sketch. No need to connect the dots back at the office.

Linework can consist of straight segments, arcs, and splines and ALL linework is 3D.

A Winning Combination

FieldGenius works flawlessly with Geneq GNSS receivers, and makes great use of high definition displays on SXPad data collectors with its high resolution interface and large/clear icons.


FieldGenius Linework is easier than any other data collection software

  • You can connect points that have different descriptions.
  • Linework can consist of straight segments, arcs and splines.
  • Linework is ALL in 3D including arcs and splines.
  • You can have more than one line with the same description; FieldGenius is smart enough to know which line to work on.
  • Multiple lines can connect to the same point.
  • Missing segments can be drawn using the pencil tool any time you need to add more info.
  • A bad line can be removed instantly by tapping it and selecting “Delete Segment”.

FieldGenius includes more advanced features than any other data collection system

  • Digital Terrain Modeling, Volumes and Contouring
    FieldGenius has the ability to create and utilize DTM surfaces from existing survey data or create a DTM in real time as the data is collected. The TIN and contours will automatically update as each new shot is taken.
  • Powerful Roading
    FieldGenius roading allows you to manually input or import your alignment data including centerline, vertical and template data. Powerful alignment staking tools help you stake your points along your alignment with confidence.
  • Georeferenced Images
    Use georeferenced images and maps in the background for visual reference of your survey work.

Work faster and more efficiently in the field with field with these productivity enhancements

  • Instrument Control at your Fingertips
    Total Station and GPS functions are available on a common and easy to use instrument toolbar. Access measure modes with the click of a button. 
  • Powerful RPN Calculator
    FieldGenius includes an easy to use and intuitive RPN calculator. Quick access to the calculator from any edit field makes survey calculations and routines a breeze. 
  • User Definable Shortcuts
    Increase your productivity by assigning frequently used commands to keys on your data collector.