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Scanner Laser 3D

  • Geomax - SPS Zoom 300 - DEMGGM8244624-
  • 19 995,00 $ CAD

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A 3D laser scanner is a device that collects precise spatial data of objects or environments. The collected point cloud data can then be used to construct digital three dimensional models.

ZOOM 300 is a high performance, easy to use, complete solution for all 3D survey requirements. Manufactured to withstand adverse conditions, the design is also lightweight and portable.

The perfect combination of robustness, performance and price

ZOOM 300 is a rugged and reliable Time of Flight Laser Scanner recommended for all working environments, especially topographic surveys.

The sealed casing protects the internal components, providing an IP65 dust and waterproof rating.

ZOOM 300 is simple to use and ready to scan at the press of a button. The scanner can be controlled and operated directly from all mobile devices with a WLAN connection. A menu driven interface makes selection straightforward.


Principal features

  • Compact Laser Scanner, everything in a single case
  • Easy interface
  • Ready to work in few minutes for increased productivity
  • Wi-Fi functionality - operate the scanner directly from your PC or Smartphone (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile)
  • 2 integrated cameras 5+5 Mpx
  • Integration of GPS data
  • Laser class 1 - work safely without eye protection
  • Robust but lightweight (7 kg incl battery)
  • > 6 hours of continuous work with the 2 batteries provided
  • Operating temperature -10° to +50°
  • IP65 protection, the top of the range for a laser scanner
  • The best performance/price ratio solution available on the market


Operational specifications

ZOOM 300 supports four scan modes at different resolutions. Depending on the object and the area to scan, the user can define the best resolution to optimize scan time and the size of data output. The scan time varies according to the scan mode.
Resolution H. res. (360°) V. res. (90°) Total points Time x 360° Columns/sec.
Fine 16.000 4.000 64.000.000 1h 06m 40s 4
Standard 8.000 2.000 16.000.000 0h 16m 40s 8
Fast 4.000 1.000 4.000.000 0h 04m 10s 16
Preview 2.000 500 1.000.000 0h 01m 02s 32
Scanner resolution (*: referred to scan time only, excluding warmup, initialization, positioning, photo capture)
Grid step distance 10m 30m 50m 100m 200m
Fine 0.39cm 1.17cm 1.96cm 3.92cm 7.85cm
Standard 0.78cm 2.35cm 3.92cm 7.85cm 15.90cm
Fast 1.57cm 4.71cm 7.85cm 15.70cm 31.41cm
Preview 3.14cm 9.42cm 15.70cm 31.41cm 62.83cm
Distance reference


Simple and intuitive interface

To operate the ZOOM 300 Laser Scanner, all you need is a PC, Tablet or Smartphone with Wi-Fi and a web browser. You do not even need to install any drivers or software, since the web interface server is built into the scanner.


A new concept in software for processing topographical data, capable of integrating a variety of different information, including: import of all common data formats, calculations, scan registration and management of the point clouds and photography, topographical drawing functionality. Simplicity and interactivity all in one application!


Georeferencing of the survey with GPS/GNSS

It is now possible to use a GPS/GNSS receiver to calculate the position of the scan and georeference the point cloud data. A GPS/GNSS antenna can be mounted on the ZOOM 300 and orientation can be calculated from a reference target with known coordinates using a second GPS/GNSS receiver. The equipment ensures accuracy and precision for all 3D projects using a single 3D reference system.




Framework is a Laser Scanner support accessory particularly useful for the scanning of closed environments such as caves, architectural structures and tunnels, where ceilings are particularly high. This accessory allows the scanner to perform a full surface scan through a rotation of 240°.





Technical data

Technical features
Max Range 300m 100% reflectivity (on white target)
Operating conditions 250m
Min Range 2.5m
Horizontal field of view 360°
Vertical field of view 90° (-25° +65°)
Scan rate 40.000 points/sec
Laser beam divergence 0.37mrad
Resolution 37mm x 37mm @ 100m
Accuracy 6mm @ 50m <10mm @ 100m
Physical specifications
Scanner size 215mm x 170mm x 430mm
Scanner weight 6.15Kg
Battery size 42mm x 165mm x 120mm
Battery weight 0.85Kg
Power supply size 147mm x 63mm x 38mm
Power supply weight 0.2Kg
System specifications
Scanning optics vertically Rotating mirror
Scanning optics horizontally Rotating base
Laser class Class 1 (eye safe)
Camera 2 calibrated camera
Resolution 5 megapixel each camera
Internal memory 32Gb
Data transfer Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
Software on board Dedicated Wi-Fi web interface for Smartphone and Tablet (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile)
Electrical specifications
Power supply 12V (battery or external power unit)
Power consumption 40W (on average)
Battery type Li-Poly
Operation > 3h each battery (2 included)
Enviromental specifications
Operation temperature -10°C + 50°C
Storage temperature -25°C + 80°C
Humidity Non-condensing
Protection class IP65

KIT standard SPS ZOOM 300


  • 1 ZOOM 300 instrument unit
  • 1 Rugged carrying case
  • 2 Li-Poly battery 8200 mAH
  • 1 Battery Charger
  • 1 Tribrach with optical plummet