• Test Sieves Advantech

Test Sieves Advantech


  • 3", 8" and 12" diameter frame
  • SB (stainless cloth, brass frame)
  • SS (all stainless)

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Die-formed frames assure a proper fit, superior quality and performance, guaranteeing that the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) specifications are always met


With each test sieve comes a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE applicable to ASTM E 11 specifications bearing the serial number of your laboratory sieve and the ship date. All safeguards are in place to support and ensure your quality assurance program.

ATM08F3,003"75 mm
ATM08F2,502 ½"63 mm
ATM08F2,002"50 mm
ATM08F1,501 ½"38,1 mm
ATM08F1,251 ¼"31,5 mm
ATM08F1,001"25 mm
ATM08F,8757/8"22.4 mm
ATM08F,7503/4"19.0 mm
ATM08F,6255/8"16.0 mm
ATM08F,5001/2"12.5 mm
ATM08F,3753/8"9.5 mm
ATM08F,3125/16"8.0 mm
ATM08F,2501/4"6.3 mm
ATM08FN00444.75 mm
ATM08FN00554.00 mm
ATM08FN00663.25 mm
ATM08FN00772.80 mm
ATM08FN00882.36 mm
ATM08FN010102.00 mm
ATM08FN012121.70 mm
ATM08FN014141.40 mm
ATM08FN016161.18 mm
ATM08FN018181.00 mm
ATM08FN02020850 µm
ATM08FN02525710 µm
ATM08FN03030600 µm
ATM08FN03535500 µm
ATM08FN04040425 µm
ATM08FN04545335 µm
ATM08FN05050300 µm
ATM08FN06060250 µm
ATM08FN07070212 µm
ATM08FN080800180 µm
ATM08FN100100150 µm
ATM08FN120120125 µm
ATM08FN140140106 µm
ATM08FN17017090 µm
ATM08FN20020075 µm
ATM08FN23023063 µm
ATM08FN27027053 µm
ATM08FN32532545 µm
ATB08COVER8" diam. 
ATB08FPAN8" diam. 
CERTAMISNsieves certification