• Weld Test for quality of spot welding

Weld Test for quality of spot welding

The quality of spot welding depends on the force applied by the electrodes as well as on the intensity of the welding current. Within such a control program, the measurement of the force applied by the electrodes is extremely important for ensuring constant production.

That is why we have developed this equipment to measure the closing force of the grips that may be used during the final stage or during periodic maintenance. The end-pieces are interchangeable and can be used to measure force with various shapes of electrodes, the minimum closing dimension being 0.12 in.

This new instrument leverages the robustness, quality and precision of the Centor instrument family, which are specially designed for mobile use in a production workshop.

  • Force sensor protected against electric discharges
  • Interchangeable head for different thickness and diameter
  • Certifcate of calibration in 5 points included

Welding tester Models
Models Pounds Kilograms Newtons
Welding tester 1 1 000 x 0.01 500 x 0.05 5 000 x 0.5
Welding tester 2 2 000 x 0.02 1 000 x 0.1 10 000 x 1
Welding tester 3 4 000 x 0.04 2 000 x 0.2 20 000 x 2