• Flow Table

Flow Table


  • Motorized flow table with 10" (254mm) dia. cast-bronze table/platen Same as H-3624, but without counter.
  • Includes standard H-3622 cast bronze, 2-3/4" top dia. x 2" high x 4" bottom dia. cone mold.
  • Used in determining consistency of cement mortars.
  • Shipping wt. 30 lb (13.6kg).


H-3621 Caliper. Used to measure mortar diameter, ASTM
H-3622M Flow Mold - Flow Mold Cast Bronze 70mm top dia. 50mm high x 100mm bottom dia.
H-3840 400ml Measure, Calibrated, ASTM C185, C780
H-3623 Flow Mold Shield, Prevents Mortar from Spilling
H-4144.8 Straight Edges - 8" Straightedge, 1/8 x 1-1/4 x 8" (3 x 32 x 203mm)
H-3624F Pedestal Form, Creates concrete base for flow tables


Replacement Part
H-3614B Automatic Counter - Automatic Counter, 115V 60Hz
H-3614B.4F Automatic Counter - Automatic Counter, 220V 50/60Hz
H-3622 Flow Mold - Flow Mold, Cast Bronze, 2.75 Top dia. x 4" Bottom dia. x 2" high


Cat. No. Description
HU3624 Motorized Flow Table with Counter 120v/60hz
HU3624.5F Motorized Flow Table with Counter 220v/50hz