• Load Frame for CBR Applications

Load Frame for CBR Applications

ASTM D1883, AASHTO T193, BS 1337

The HM3000-000 provides the ultimate control for CBR applications whether you are using it as a stand alone operation or wanting to tie its operation into a lab-wide computer system. Designed for applications requiring multi-purpose loading systems, such as road construction projects in either mobile or fixed labs, educational institutions and consulting firms, the HM3000-000 MasterLoader is ideal for just about any application from road construction to high-volume commercial and educational laboratories.

While the HM3000-000 has been specifically designed for soil testing labs conducting multiple testing operations including: UU, CU and CD triaxials, UC, CBR and LBR, it is also perfect for running Marshall and Hveem asphalt tests as well. With its built-in four-channel data logger, the HM3000-000 can acquire data from load, strain, pore pressure and volume transducers. The data acquisition can be automated by setting trigger conditions to start and stop logging. Tests can be initiated or terminated automatically increasing lab productivity.

The MasterLoader is the most versatile load frame available today. As the flagship product in the Humboldt Concept, the HM3000-000 provides an internal 4-channel data logger, which allows it to be used as a standalone device capable of full test control and datalogging. It also can be quickly integrated into a complete, computer-controlled lab system incorporating it's internal data logger as a component of the complete system. Its heavy-duty design and precise stepper-motor control provides a stable platform for years of reliable service allowing it to perform any tests required up to its load capacity of 11000 lbf (50 kN). Whether as standalone unit or as part of a computer-controlled system, the MasterLoader provides the user with fully-automatic test performance allowing unattended operation while controlling motor start/stop, speed selection and test data acquisition. Its modular design and its technical specifications allow the machine to be custom configured to handle almost any test your lab may require. In addition to its ability to link to a computer, the HM3000-000 also provides the ability to daisy-chain multiple machines together as part of the system.

Any Humboldt Concept test equipment, from other Load Frames to Consolidation and Shear Apparatus can use this linking feature to access the computer system and related software. Unused data ports on the MasterLoader's data logger can also be used to utilize other load cells or transducers to gain access to data logging capabilities. In addition, the HM3000-000 also provides an analog output port, which can be used for output to an XYt chart recorder or similar items.


Information / Specs
CBR Setup using the HM3000.3F Load Frame
Pictured is the HM-3000.3F Load frame with a typical CBR setup. Accessories used in the typical CBR setup include: HM2300.100, HM2310.10, HU4178-000, HM4178BRT, HM3001SW.
Typical LBR Setup
For LBR setups, substitute HU4178F.4-00 for the HU4178-000 penetration piston and HM2300.100P for the HM2300.100 S-type load cell.


P/N   Name
HM2300.100 S-Type Load Cells - Load Cell 10000 lbf (50 kN)
HM2300.100P-   Pancake Load Cells - Load Cell 10000 lbf (50 kN)
HM2310.10-00 Linear Strain Conversion Transducers (LSCT) - 1.0" (25mm)
HU4178-000 Penetration Piston
HU4178F.4-00   Penetration Piston, 4"
HM4178BRT-00 LSCT Mounting Bracket - CBR and 3" bracket
HM3001SW-000 HMTS Reporting Software, CBR/LBR Module