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Laboratory Mixers

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These mixers are legendary for their simplicity, durability, long life and superior mixing performance. They are designed to be safe, easy to use and capable of a broad range of bakery and food mixing applications, and even more, when equipped with any of the available attachments and mixer options.

  • Automotive-type wide-face gear drive ensures long life
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings and clutch for years of trouble-free operation
  • Transmission and all gears are life-time protected with synthetic lubricant
  • Powerful ventilated induction motor mounted in drip-proof housing
  • Heavy duty stainless steel mixing bowl resists hard use and abuse
  • ON-OFF buttons are NEMA 4 rated


  • Two-, three- or four-speed transmission, depending on model and mixing applications
  • Mixer RPM speeds are preset for optimum mixing action and product results
  • Front mounted power takeoff is easy to use and provides additional food prep versatility
  • Electromechanical interlock prevents shifting gears/speed while mixer is operating


Easy to use
  • Start-Stop buttons, timer & transmission shift lever standard
  • Adjustable 15-minute timer automatically shuts off the mixer
  • Mixing bowl is raised by spring assisted handle [20 & 30 Quart] or a smooth action crank, on the 40-80 models.
  • Mixing bowl automatically locks in the UP or DOWN position
  • Hard enamel painted and polished aluminum finishes are easy to clean
  • Solid stainless steel bowl safety guards double as splash shields
  • 20 quart cart-mounted model lets you take mixer where it is needed


Safe to use
  • Solid, full parameter bowl guards that are standard on all models
  • Motor can not be started when speed selector is in neutral
  • Safety interlock stops mixer if the speed selector lever is moved


  • Size: 20, 30, 40, 60, or 80 quart mixers;
  • Configuration: Bench Mounted, Floor or Mobile Cart Mounted [20 Quart Models];
  • Transmission Speeds: 2, 3 or 4-speed, depending on size and model;
  • Finish: Painted, Polished Aluminum or Stainless Steel [Depending on size]
  • Motor Horsepower: on 60 & 80 Quart Models
  • Pizza Dough Models: 60 & 80 Quart Models 
  • Attachments: Vegetable slicers, meat choppers, cheese shredders