• Cylinder Molds 6

Cylinder Molds 6

  • - HU3041-000

ASTM C31, ASTM C39. ASTM C192, ASTM C470

GENEQ has a wide range of single-use cylinder molds for fresh concrete testing.

Disposable plastic molds are non-adhering, nonabsorptive, and molded as single piece units for dimensional uniformity. They are weather-resistant and strong enough to withstand rough handling. Positive moisture retention is assured, especially with reusable sealing lids.

The 6x12" plastic molds have wide lip for squaring off tops with straight edge and to assure mold stays in round when used.

Meets the following standards:
  • ASTM C31
  • C39
  • C192
  • C470
  • AASHTO M205
  • T22
  • T23
  • T126


H-3041L Plastic lid for H-3041 mold.
H-3041S Mold Stripper, T-Handle-Style
H-3041SMA Mold Stripper, Screwdriver-Style


Cat. No. Description
HU3041-000 Cylinder Molds 6"x 12" Single-Use