Portable ph meter

Portable ph meter

  • Measuring range - 0.00 - 14.00 pH;-1999 - 1999 mV;0 - 100 °C
  • Accuracy - ±0.01 pH;±1 mV;±0.5 °C
  • Measuring resolution - 0.01 pH;1 mV;0.1°C

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After more than a century of perfecting the art of measurement through our durable weighing products, OHAUS precision is now available in the form of a portable pH meter. This portable meter offers convenience, reliability and durability in one compact design.


pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) measurement


Liquid crystal display (LCD)


4 AAA batteries (included)


N/A Construction ABS housing, wrist strap

Design Features

Automatic and manual temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition, calibration icon

Measurement Range0.00 – 14.00 pH; -1999 – 1999 mV; 0 – 100 °C
Accuracy±0.01 pH; ±1 mV; ±0.5 °C
Measurement Resolution0.01 pH; 1 mV; 0.1 °C
ElectrodeST320 (Included)
Accuracy ± (mV)1 mV
Battery Life500 Hours with Disposable Batteries
Calibration3 Point
Dimensions1.38 in x 6.69 in x 3.54 in (35 mm x 170 mm x 90 mm) (HxLxW)
In-use coverNo
Measurement Range (Temperature)0 °C – 100 °C
Measurement Range-1,999 mV – 1,999 mV
Net Weight0.35 lb (0.16 kg)
ParameterpH / ORP
pH accuracy (±)0.01
pH measuring range0 – 14
pH resolution0.01
Power4 AAA (LR03) Batteries (Included)
Resolution (Voltage)1 mV
Temperature CompensationYes
Temperature Resolution0.1 °C
Temperature Sensor30 KΩ NTC
Working Environment41°F – 104°F, 80%RH, non-condensing (5°C – 40°C, 80%RH, non-condensing)