• Splitting Tensile test

Splitting Tensile test

  • - 50-C9000

Weight aThe vertical clearance has to be adjusted using suitable distance pieces considering that the standard height is 325 mm when adjusted for 150 mm (6”) and 160 mm dia. Culinders and 275 mm when adjusted for 100 mm dia. (4”) cylinders.

Approx.: 28kg

CAT. NO. Description
CO50C9000- Splitting tensile test device for cylindrical specimens dia. 100 x 200 mm (4" x 8"), 150 x 300 mm (6" x 12") and 160 x 320 mm
CO50C9001 Hardboard packing strips (4 x 10 x 345 mm). Pack of 50

Attention: the maximum load which can be applied to 50-C9000 / 50-C9000/A and 50-C9070 is 500 kN. Do not aply higher loads to prevent damage or breakage of the devices. For same purpose do not use these devices for tests other than the splitting test.