• Presses pour la préparation de granules, briques, briquettes et pains

Presses pour la préparation de granules, briques, briquettes et pains

  • Carver - 4350, 3887 and 4387

No. 4350 Manual Pellet Press
The compact 12 ton Pellet Press with 4" diameter platen is perfectly suited for KBr pellet pressing. It can also be used for Glove Box applications, compound and formula testing, compression strength tests, fluid extractions and on-site field testing. Includes Safety Shield, buffer plate, 13 mm evacuable die and counter-bored platen for positive die alignment.
No. 3887 AutoPellet Press
The self-contained 25 ton AutoPellet press has 5" diameter platen and integral safety shield cabinet enclosing electrically powered hydraulic system. Rigid slab side construction maintains precise alignment and includes provision for a vacuum line connection to the pellet die. "SD" microprocessor control system with digital display of force permits programmed operation and selectable bleed-off of pressure. Upgraded "PD" model allows programmed pressure bleed-off. 25 tons model includes 13mm kBr pellet die, and 40 ton model includes 31mm die for x-ray sample preparation. (Optional 40mm die available)


Max. Clamp Force, Tons (lb)
Platen Size (in)
Ram Stroke
Daylight Opening
Footprint W x D
Height (in)
Manual 4350 12 (24,000) 4 dia. 5.1 in. 0 to 5.75in. 10.25 x 8in. 20.25 115lb
AutoPellet 3887 25 (50,000) 5 dia. 1 in. 1.5 to 7.25in. 31.5 x 22.75in. 22 (+ handle) 400lb
Autopellet 4387 40 (80,000) 5 dia. 31 in. 1.5 to 7.25in. 34 x 22.75in. 26 (+ handle) 500lb

We strongly recommend the use of a safety shield and safety glasses when operating this equipment.