• Appareil d'analyse du coefficient de friction sur les surfaces

Appareil d'analyse du coefficient de friction sur les surfaces

The Static & Dynamic Friction (or Slip & Friction) Tester has been designed to determine the friction characteristics of materials. Primarily by pulling one surface over another. It is ideally suited where the production of a product relies on Film, Foil, Paper or Board sliding over machinery or another material for packaging purposes.

The advanced dedicated microprocessor control removes operator variability from the test procedure by controlling dwell time, sled movement etc, thereby giving high accuracy of results for both static and dynamic friction.

Designed in accordance with ASTM D1894 And ISO 8295 International test standards, This apparatus can be used with all types of flexible packaging, foils, paper, board, rubber, linoleum, textiles and leather. 180o peel or adhesion tests can also be performed, other attachments to any International test standard are available on request.

Complies with Standard(s)
ISO 8295, BS 2782: Part 8: Method 824A, ASTM D1894

Cat. No. Description
GERR-FT-00 Static & Dynamic Friction Tester