• Boîte d'allimentation vibrante

Boîte d'allimentation vibrante

Volumetric feeder machines provides dual vibratory action to assure the proper flow of dry bulk material for measured discharge rates. Ideal for use in conjunction with weight scales, packing equipment, and other plant operations where additive feeding is being performed either continuously or intermittently. The complete assembly consists of a rectangular frame of structural steel angle, a vibratory feeder, a steel hopper with an adjustable square spout at the bottom, a unit vibrator attached to the side of the hopper, and a double controller utilizing variable auto transformers for separate control of feeder and unit vibrator. Construction is of mild steel, but trays, hoppers, and adjustable spouts can be ordered in stainless steel. Timers are also optional. Each model is available in three hopper sizes. For 1115v/1ph/60hz. Other electricals available.

CAT. NO. Tray Size W" x L" Capacity Tons/hr Hopper Size options. Cu.Ft
SE020B-001 4 x 20 2 11/4, 11/2, 13/4
SE020B-010 5 x 26 5 3, 6, 10
SE020B-020 9 x 38 15 4, 6, 10