• Chambres à humidité

Chambres à humidité

DIN 12880

  • Available in 10 or 28 cu. ft.
  • Temperature range: 35-70°C 
  • Humidity range: 40- 95%RH

Provide a controlled environment for a wide range of industrial and biotechnology testing applications.

This line is designed to duplicate a natural condition, which allows testing the limitations of a sample when exposed to various temperature and moisture fluctuations.

Microprocessor controls maintain temperature and humidity in approximate ranges of 35-70°C and 40- 95%RH, respectively. An extra large water jacket minimizes condensation inside the chamber and supports optimum temperature uniformity.

Humidity is controlled by utilizing a low-pressure water vapor generator injecting saturated water vapor into the recirculating air duct. This process is preferable to steam generation because steam introduces additional heat to the chamber atmosphere, which then compromises temperature control. Uniform temperature and humidity are maintained using the same horizontal air flow technology employed in the SHEL LAB oven family.

Applications include:

  • Shelf Life Testing
  • MIL-SPEC Packaging
  • Component Burn In
  • Vapor Transmission
  • Stability Testing
  • Fingerprint Detection
Exterior Dimensions (wxdxh) Inches 44.3 x 32.8 x 57.0 42.5 x 37.0 x 85.0
cm 112.4 x 83.2 x 144.8 108.0 x 94.0 x 215.9
Chamber Dimensions (wxdxh) Inches 30.0 x 21.0 x 30.0 30.2 x 26.0 x 62.0
cm 76.2 x 53.3 x 76.2 76.8 x 66.0 x 157.4
Incubator Chamber Capacity cu ft 10 28
L 309 799
Temp. Range Celcius Ambient +15ºC to 70ºC Ambient +15ºC to 70ºC
Temp. Uniformity Celcius +/-0.5°C at 37°C +/-0.5°C at 37°C
Relative Humidity Percent Ambient + 10% to 95% Ambient + 10% to 95%
Number of Shelves Included 3 6

All specifications are determined by using average values on standard equipment at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F) and line voltages within +/-10% of unit type (115V/230V). Temperature specifications follow DIN 12880 methodology. We reserve the right to change specifications at any time.