• Tachymètres numériques

Tachymètres numériques

Demanded by loyal users of the popular DT-205L laser tachometers, Shimpo responded by creating the DT-209X series of LASER combination hand held tachometers. Based on the DT-205L with its rugged construction and quality components; the DT-209X is equipped with DATA COLLECTION features that adds flexibility in the field for Maintenance, Quality Control and R&D professionals. Simultaneous storage of data in three different measuring modes (USB, Standard, and Average) both the DT-209X and DT-209X-S12 offer incredible value and ease of use in Contact and Non-contact applications. Enhanced download features and online controls, showing trending and real time data via USB communication; you can easily access your data by the free software included in each DT-209X package. USB and Analog output included.

DT-209X Software
  • 3 Modes of measurement (USB, STANDARD, AVERAGE)
  • Selectable units of measure and display refresh interval
  • Graph capability in USB mode
  • Data can be imported to spreadsheet reports
  • Automatic data calculation for Last, Minimum, Maximum and Average readings
  • Readings can be set for length and rate measurement
  • Smart settings for trigger, max and min limits. (PC will beep indicating out of range data)
  • Synchronize time with PC for time stamping
  • Multiple data storage in USB mode for different records
  • Programmable 1-volt analog output for chart recorders


  • 1/4 x 20 mounting hole
  • Sophisticated laser beam detection; up to 14'
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Length and rate functions
  • Multi-mode speed selection
  • Length/sec available
  • Hardy aluminum construction
  • Large 5 digit display
  • Expansive memory capacity
  • Extended battery life
  • Free N.I.S.T. certificate




Model DT-209X/DT-209X-S12
Measuring range 6-99,999 rpm
Measuring range contact 0,8-25,000 rpm
Accuracy ±1 rpm: 6 - 8,300 rpm / ±2 rpm: 8,301 - 25,000 rpm / ±0.006 % of reading / ±1 digit
(or 7 rpm max.): 25,001 - 99,999 rpm
Display 5 digit 0.47””(12 mm) high LCD
Measuring unit rpm: (Non Contact up to 14’ away) Contact: ypm, mPM, fpm, ipm and Length; yd, m, ft, in, linear rate and length: using contact adapter included and 6” or 12” circumference wheels.
Measuring Mode USB mode; PC online measuring / standard (STD) mode; Standard measuring / Average (AVE) mode; Average data measuring
Memory STD mode; 24 blocks, 10 points/block (Total; 240 data) AVE mode; 30 blocks (Last, Max, Min, Average data in each block) Date and hour of start/finish are stored in each block. (Can download data with USB communication.)
USB communication USB 1.1
Analog poutput Max. 1 V
Display update time 1 second (typical)
Detection Laser diode
Systeme control Single-chip C-MOS microprocessor
Over range indicator Flashing numerals
Voltage requirement 2 AA / 1.5 V Batteries
Low battery indicator Flashing ”LO BAT” display
Auto power Shut off Yes (except USB mode)
Battery life 15 hrs Approx.
Operating Environment Non-corrosive
Operating Temperature range 32°F - 113°F ( 0 - 45°C )
Construction Die-cast aluminum housing
Weight DT-209X: 0.9 pound (400g) / DT-209X-S12: 1.0 pound (460g)
Dimensions 6.6””L x 2.4””W x 1.8””H (167.5 mm x 60 mm x 46 mm)
Warranty 1 year
Standard Accessories Reflective tape, 2 cone adapters, funnel adapter, 3 1/2” Extension shaft carrying case, NIST certificate, Master Wheel (6” cir.) and 200L adapter, USB cable, case, NIST certificate, Master Wheel (6” cir.) and 200L adapter, USB cable, Application software (CD-R)