• Système de surveillance sans fil de la température et de la maturité du béton

Système de surveillance sans fil de la température et de la maturité du béton

  • - HardTrack

  • Our information indicates you are already convinced that using Concrete Maturity is the way to go.
  • Let’s look at what might happen if you upgrade to “first class”, to our HardTrack system.
  • The upgrade is not expensive, it will save you money and give you much more bang for the buck.


The use of our HardTrack System will allow you to collect your data by using RFID rather than having to use all of those wires.

It eliminates the need for all of those cumbersome tangled wires you have to use with your current system. Sort of makes it difficult doesn’t it?

HardTrack uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which allows us to communicate between a portable transceiver and our RFID transponder (called a tag) which is buried it your concrete.

We use the iQ32T tag which has the capability to capture the ambient temperature of the concrete it is buried in and to communicate the information to the portable.

Using HardTrack, you will have all of the information you need at your fingertips, both at the job site as well as in your achieved records.

All time and temperature data is maintained in our RFID Tag’s 32K of memory. We import all of the data into our portable for the maturity calculation, then can send it on to the PC for posterity.

HardTrack offersmuch greater flexibility in retrieving data and calculating the maturity of your concrete.

We offer access to the full database at the work site, it is available if needed. See the reverse side of this brochure to view the real time data.




An engineer using HardTrack is checking out one of the buried RFID tags from his pickup.
The robustness of our iQ32T RFID tag allows him to do this. Look - No wires!



The iQ32T RFID Transponder (Tag) The Tag when buried within the concrete is still able to transmit its signal through the concrete. It does not require you to make any hook ups to wires The iQ32TE Tag With A Temperature Probe When you are making those deep pours, we can offer you the combination of our tag with a stainless steel temperature probe, you will still have the RFID capability, but can now go as deep as you wish.