• Manual Total Station

Manual Total Station

The flexibility to run X-PAD, FieldGenius or Carlson SurvCE or any other localised field software onboard the Zoom40 with its high resolution graphical colour and touch display allows you to work in the way that best fits to your needs.

Combined with the capability to measure long distances with high accuracy, you can be sure Zoom40 “works when you do.”

Totally open Windows CE

Work the way you need to with an open WinCE platform that can integrate with third party developments and remote communication.

Onboard software flexibility

Choose what software works best for you fromGeoMax X-PAD, GeoMax FieldGenius and Carlson SurvCE.

Fully featured

The Zoom40 comes with a large 3.5“ Q-VGA display, 2 GB memory and 500 m non-prism range.

Colour touch display

Easily work in any environment when you can simply touch and select your functions with crystal-clear colour options.

Accuracy  2” (0.6 mgon), 5” (1.5 mgon)
Display resolution  0.1” / 0.1 mgon
Method  Absolute, continuous, diametrical
Compensation  Quadruple axis
Prism  3,500 m / 2 mm + 2 ppm
Non-prism  500m / 2 mm + 2 ppm
Footprint  8 x 20 mm**
Weight  5.3 kg (incl. battery & tribrach)
Operating temp.  – 30°C to 50°C***
Protection class  IP54 dust and waterproof
Humidity  95 %, non-condensing
Keyboard  Full alphanumeric, dual face (opt.)
Display  3.5” Quarter-VGA colour touch
Screen (320x240 pixel), 10 lines x 30 characters, self heating, illuminated
Memory size  Internal; 2GB
Interface  USB
Removable memory  USB memory stick
Device Class 2 Bluetooth 
Internal battery  Removable Li-Ion
Operating time***  36 h (continous angle), 10h (continous distance measurement every 30 s)
Type  Laser point, adjustable brightness
Accuracy  1.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Microsoft®  Windows CE