• Multi-Purpose Data Logger

Multi-Purpose Data Logger

For Heavy Equipment Machinery

  • MultiDAT

Equipment managers in every region share a common need: to obtain accurate information on machine productivity so they can improve the economics of their operations.

In response to this need, FERIC has developed a second-generation datalogger, the MultiDAT, an electronic device that can be installed on any machine or vehicle.

What can multidat do?

Record machine functions

When linked with up to four sensors, provided by the user, the MultiDAT can record the operation of the related functions. This permits analysis of the duration of a function’s activation, the number of activations, and measurement of a frequency at specific intervals (e.g., monitoring a speed sensor).

Record machine movement

The MultiDAT comes equipped with an internal motion sensor that detects movement of the machine, but not vibrations of the motor. In many cases, you can quickly determine the true operating time for a machine without requiring any additional sensors.

Record machine location

Add the GPS option to collect positional data and determine the areas harvested or treated. These data can be exported for analysis using ArcView or compatible software.

Record operator comments*

The operator can enter codes on the MultiDAT keypad that describe the work in progress or the reason for machine downtime. You can customize the codes for your operation and determine the hours the operator worked, the type of work done by the machine, and the reasons for any work stoppages.

Analyze the data and produce reports

Even the report format is configurable. Using the MultiDAT software, select the information to compile and how to compile it (e.g., daily, weekly, by operator) using your personal computer.

* The MultiDAT Jr does not let you record this information.


What is the multidat system?
The Multi-Purpose Data Logger for heavy equipment machinery is an electronic datalogger comprising three main components
MultiDAT - Multi-Purpose Data Logger for heavy equipment machinery The MultiDAT

A compact electronic datalogger protected by a rugged metal case. An optional GPS receiver with an external antenna is also available.
MultiDAT Jr - Multi-Purpose Data Logger for heavy equipment machinery Or the MultiDAT Jr

Offers all the features of the MultiDAT, except for the operator interface.
Data Shuttle - Multi-Purpose Data Logger for heavy equipment machinery The Data Shuttle

A choice of either a low-cost data shuttle or a more rugged data shuttle that can be used to transfer the data from the MultiDAT to your personal computer and to adjust the sensitivity of the MultiDAT’s motion sensor.
Software - Multi-Purpose Data Logger for heavy equipment machinery Software for your Windows computer

This software lets you collect data from the datalogger, manage the data, and produce customized reports on a personal computer. (A Pentium processor with a speed of 350 MHz or greater is recommended.)


  • Memory protected by an internal battery for 5 years
  • Internal motion sensor
  • An operator interface with backlighting (not available for the MultiDAT Jr) provides inputs for operator numbers, activity codes and stop codes. User-defined codes are available, and can be printed on labels.
  • 4 input channels: 5 to 30 V signals, configurable as timers, counters, or frequency meters


Data storage 70 000 events (approx.)
Autonomy 1 to 4 weeks (approx.)
Precision of recording 1 minute
Operating voltage 9 to 30 V
Operating current 850 mA max.
Operating temperature -40 to +85° C
Dimensions 23 x 13 x 6 cm
Interface RS-232
Optional GPS receiver 12 channels, ready for real-time differential GPS
Warranty The MultiDAT is guaranteed against all manufacturing or material defects for a period of 12 months following the date of purchase.