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    SXblue SmartSXblue Smart

GNSS RTK receiver SXblue Smart

  • Multi-Frequency
  • Built-in IMU Tilt sensor
  • UHF Radio: 410 – 470MHz
  • 4G/LTE GSM Module

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The SXblue SMART is a rugged and versatile Multi-Frequency GNSS RTK receiver with built-in IMU tilt sensor.

The SXblue SMART can provide accuracy down to centimeters in RTK mode. RTK mode requires a pair of receivers: one is stationary which provides corrections, another one moving which applies corrections and provides its precise coordinates.

The SXblue SMART GPS receiver can ensure centimetre accuracy in real-time. Since the receiver supports Galileo, BDS(Beidou),GPS, Glonass, SBAS, IRNSS and QZSS satellite constellations, it can provide a high level of GNSS accuracy, even in harsh conditions.

Outstanding GNSS performance

Equipped with new generation the most powerful GNSS RTK multi-frequency engine , SXblue SMART can track signal from all constatellations including B3 signal of BDS satellites. Its high-performance GNSS antenna is upgraded with strong anti-interference ability and sensitive satellite signal capture ability, to track more satellite in harsh environments. system is much higher, it can be adapt to the job of longer uninterrupted power.

Ultimate portability

Highly integrated GNSS antenna, Bluetooth module and WIFI module, leading the design trend of miniaturization, light weight, and portable RTK to a new height. Magnesium alloy housing, tough line design, more delicate surface decoration, stronger sense of technological design, more durable.

Innovative design

Single button boot design, one button evokes all RTK operations. The body screen adopts a translucent high-strength panel, which has a stronger visual sense of technology. Plus four indicator lights, common information is clear at a glance. Double speaker design, three-dimensional sound broadcast, remove noise barriers, and receive clearer sound.

Long Range radio link

Built-in transceiver integrated radio, working frequency 410-470MHz. TrimTalk450S, TrimMark3, SOUTH,CHC,SATEL, HI-TARGET are all compatible. Equipped with Far-Link "Simultaneous" radio module, based on Farlink protocol, it can increase the sensitivity and efficiency of radio signal, achieve the typical working range as 15KM operation, and meet the needs of customers for small and medium- scale.

Barrier-Free Measurement

Built-in 6800mAh high-capacity battery, the battery life is more than 15 hours, one charge, meets all-day work. Equipped with fast charging charger, which can be fully charged within 5 hours. The battery core can be recharged with long life, and performance is more secure and reliable.

IMU survey

Built-in IMU compensator, correct the coordinates according to the tilt direction and angle of the centering rod automatically within 60°, assist you quickly and accurately survey or stake out points without levelling the pole, improve working efficiency by 20%.

Satellite signals tracked simultaneously

Signal tracking


GPS: L1, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5

GLO: G1, G2, G3

BDS: BDS-2: B1I, B2I, B3I BDS-3: B1I, B3I, B1C, B2a, B2b*

GAL: E1, E5A, E5B, E6C, AltBOC*

QZSS: L1, L2C, L5*



MSS L-Band (Reserve)

Positioning output rate:1Hz~20Hz

GNSS features

Initialization time: <10s

Initialization reliability: >99.99%

Positioning precision


Code differential GNSS positioning

Horizontal: ±0.25m+1ppm    Vertical: ±0.50m+1ppm

SBAS positioning accuracy: Typically<5m 3DRMS

Static GNSS surveying

Horizontal: ±2.5mm+0.5ppm        Vertical: ±5mm+0.5ppm

Real-time kinematic surveying

Horizontal: ±8mm+1ppm        Vertical: ±15mm+1ppm

Network RTK

Horizontal: ±8mm+0.5ppm         Vertical: ±15mm+0.5ppm

IMU tilt angle


User interaction


Operating system



One button operation


Four indicate lights

Web UI

Freely to configure and monitor the receiver by accessing to the web server via Wi-Fi and USB

Voice guide

iVoice intelligent voice technology provides status and voice guide

Supporting Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and user define

Secondary development

Providing secondary development package

Hardware performance





0.97kg (battery included)


Magnesium aluminum alloy shell






100% Non-condensing


IP67 standard, protected from long time immersion to depth of 1m

IP67 standard, fully protected against blowing dust

Shock and vibration

Withstand 2 meters pole drop onto the cement ground naturally

Power Supply

9-28V DC, overvoltage protection


Internal Li-on, 6800mAh, 3.7V

Battery life

Static mode 15 h, Rover mode 14h,Base mode 14h



I/O port

5PIN LEMO external power port + RS232, 7PIN external USB(OTG)+Ethernet

1 radio antenna interface

Wireless modem

Built-in radio, 1W, typically work range can be 15KM

Radio repeater

Frequency Range


SIM card

4G cellular module standard, customizable 5G module

Communication Protocol

Farlink, Trimtalk450s, SOUTH, HUACE, Hi-target, Satel

Double Module Bluetooth

BLEBluetooth 4.0 standard, support for android, IOS cellphone connection

Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard

NFC Communication

Realizing close range (shorter than 10cm) automatic pair between receiver and controller

(controller equipped NFC wireless communication module needed)




802.11 b/g standard

WIFI Hotspot

The WIFI hotspot allows any mobile terminal to connect and access to the internal web server for the control

and moditor receiver

WIFI data link

To work as the datalink that receiver is able to broadcast and receive differential data via WIFI

Data storage/ Transmission


Data Storage

8GB SSD internal storage

Support external USB storage and automatical cycle storage

Changeable record interval, up to 20Hz raw data collection

Data Transmission

USB data transmission, supporting FTP/HTTP data download

Data Format

Differential data format: RTCM 2.1, RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.0, RTCM 3.1, RTCM 3.2

Output format: ASIC (NMEA-0813),Binary code (SOUTH Binary)

Network model support: VRS, FKP, MAC, fully support NTRIP protocol

Inertial sensing system


Tilt angle

Up to 60 degrees

Electronic bubble

Controller software display electronic bubble, checking levelling status of the centering rod real time


Built-in thermometer sensors, adopting intelligent temperature control technology which can monitor and

adjust the temperature of receiver in real time