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Raven GPS designs and manufactures antennas for nearly all GPS needs and applications.

Raven antennas are housed in waterproof enclosures and are available in a variety of different base mounts. Raven’s antennas are the latest innovation in combining GPS, L-Band and H-Field MSK DGPS radiobeacon antenna technology.


Raven’s TBA-2 antenna is the smallest and lightest package available in the industry. The TBA-2 antenna meets or exceeds all the recommended requirements for the United States Coast Guard (USCG), Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and the International Associations of Lighthouse

Authorities (IALA).

The TBA-2 antenna is designed to operate with all existing GPS/Radiobeacon receivers. A wide operating voltage range and very low current requirements make the TBA-2 an

excellent replacement antenna.


  • Small & light; ideal for man-portable applications
  • Interchangeable mounting options
  • No grounding required
  • Low susceptibility to noise (precipitation, ignition or other locally generated E-Field noise such as alternators)
  • Low power applications (< 25 mA)
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • TNC connection