• Ductility Testing Machine

Ductility Testing Machine

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The GEN0400-00 Ductility Testing Machine is used to determine the ductility of bituminous materials in a briquette mould by measuring the breaking elongation at a constant speed of 50 mm/min.

It is designed for testing 3 specimens simultaneously. The Internal tank is made of stainless steel. The bath is fitted with an immersion heater in order to obtain (in normal conditions), the 25°C test temperature.

Each machine comprises speed control and water circulator to maintain the homogenous water temperature.

The GEN0420-00 Ductility Testing Machine with Cooling Unit has the same specifications with GEN0400-00 Ductility Testing Machine but with an additional cooling unit.

GEN0430-00 Force Ductility Testing Machine has 3 load cells. The accuracy of load cells are ±0,1N with a maximum capacity of 300 N. The GEN0430-00 has a cooling unit and equipped with Graphic Display Automatic Control and Data Acquisition Unit. Failure condition can be down loaded to the Unit. Speed can be set and load-displacement curves are drawn through the software.

Moulds and mould base plates should be ordered separately for all type machine. 



  • Elongation measurement through motor encoder.
  • 3 simultaneous load measurement with18 bit resolution.
  • Speed contol with servo AC motor between 0,01 to 100 mm/min.
  • Ethernet connection for computer interface.



Dimensions 300 x 1850 x 550 mm
Weight (approx.) 80 kg / 176,37 Lbs
Power 240V/60Hz, 350 W