• Smoke point test lamp

Smoke point test lamp

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Smoke point is an indicator of the combustion qualities of aviation turbine fuels and kerosene. The fuel sample is burned in the smoke point lamp, and the maximum flame height obtainable without smoking is measured.


  • Conforms to ASTM D1322 and related specifications
  • Burns fluel samples under controlled conditions for smoke point determinations of aviation turbine fluels and similar products.


  • Brass lamp body with chimney
  • Gallery
  • 0-50mm black glass scale with white markings
  • Brass plated door with curved glass window
  • Candle socket;
  • Plated brass candle with wick tube and air vent
  • Mounted on a cast iron base with aluminum support rod


Conforms toASTM D1322; ISO 3014; IP 57; DIN 51406; FTM 791-2107
Included AccessoriesCotton Wicks, non-extracted (6)
Dimensions (Dia x H)7 x 18.5 cm (18 x 47 in.)
Net Weight10 lbs (4.5kg)
Shipping Weight16 Ibs (7.3kg)
Shipping Dimensions5 Cu. ft.


K27000Smoke Point Lamp
K27021Extracted Cotton Wicks. Prepared in accordance with ASTM D1322 (7.2) requirements. Packed in a sealed tube with desiccant. Case of 12.
K27020Cotton Wicks, pack of 12
K27050Sighting Device. Installs on chimney of Smoke Point Lamp. Eliminates parallax.
K27060Wick Insertion Tool. Facilitates insertion of cotton wick into wick tube.
K27065Wick Trimmer. Use together with K27060 Insertion Tool to place wick at the correct height in the wick tube, free of twists and frayed ends.
K27010Interchangeable Candle