Baromètre numérique

Baromètre numérique

  • PTB210

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  • 500...1100 hPa or 50....1100 hPa pressure ranges with serial output
  • Different scalings between 500...1100 hPa with analog output
  • Electronics housing IP65 protected against sprayed water
  • Accurate and stable measurement
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)

For harsh environments

The Vaisala BAROCAP® Digital Barometer PTB210 is ideal for outdoor installations and harsh environments.

The barometers are designed to operate in a wide temperature range, and the electronics housing provides IP65 (NEMA 4) standardized protection against sprayed water.

The PTB210 barometers are ideal for use in applications such as weather stations, data buoys and ships, airports, and agrology. They are also an excellent solution for monitoring barometric pressure in industrial equipment such as laser interferometers and engine test benches.

Several pressure ranges

The PTB210 barometers are designed for various pressure ranges. They are available in two basic configurations: serial output for 500...1100 hPa and 50...1100 hPa and analog output with diff erent scalings between 500...1100 hPa.

Accurate and stable measurement

All the PTB210 barometers are digitally adjusted and calibrated by using electronic working standards. A higher accuracy barometer, that is fi ne-tuned and calibrated against a deadweight tester, is available for the 500...1100 hPa pressure range.

In addition, the PTB210 integrates directly with Vaisala Static Pressure Head Series SPH10/20. Th is pairing off ers accurate measurement in all wind conditions.

Vaisala BAROCAP® technology

The PTB210 barometers use the Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensor, a silicon capacitive absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala for barometric pressure applications.
The Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensor provides excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics and outstanding temperature and longterm stability. All PTB210 barometers are delivered with a factory calibration certificate which is NIST traceable.
The PTB210 paired with the SPH10 Static Pressure Head.


Operating range (1hPa=1mbar)
Pressure range (order specified)
serial output
500 ... 1100 hPa
50 ... 1100 hPa
analog output500...1100 hPa
600...1060 hPa
800...1060 hPa
900...1100 hPa
Operating temperature range-40... +60 °C (-40…+140 °F)
Humidity rangenon-condensing
Serial output (units in hPa) 
Pressure range500…1100 50....1100
 Class AClass B 
Non linearity*± 0.10± 0.15± 0.20
Hysteresis*± 0.05± 0.05± 0.10
Repeatability*± 0.05± 0.05± 0.10
Calibration uncertainty**± 0.07± 0.15± 0.20
Accuracy at +20°C (+68 °F)***± 0.15± 0.20± 0.35
Temperature dependence****± 0.20± 0.30± 0.50
Total accuracy***± 0.25± 0.30± 0.50
-40...+60 °C (-40…+140 °F)   
Long term stability (hPa/year)± 0.10± 0.10± 0.20
Analog output   
Non linearity*  ± 0.20 hPa
Hysteresis*  ± 0.05 hPa
Repeatability*  ± 0.05 hPa
Calibration uncertainty**  ± 0.15 hPa
Accuracy at +20 °C (+68 °F)***  ± 0.30 hPa
Temperature dependence****  ± 0.50 hPa
Total accuracy*** -40...+60 °C (-40…+140 °F)  ± 0.60 hPa
Long term stability  ± 0.10 hPa/year
* Defined as the ±2 standard deviation limits of end point nonlinearity, hysteresis error or repeatability error.
** Defined as ±2 standard deviation limits of inaccuracy of the working standard including traceability to NIST.
*** Defined as the root sum of the squares (RSS) of end point non-linearity, hysteresis error, repeatability error and calibration uncertainty at room temperature.
****Defined as ±2 standard deviation limits of temperature dependence over the operating temperature range.   
(• Factory setting)  
Serial output  
Current consumption   
   normal mode   < 15 mA•
   power down mode   < 0.8 mA
   shutdown mode   0.2 mA
Shutdown   ON/OFF
Settling time at power up  2 s
Serial I/O (factory setting•)  RS232C
   RS232C /TTL (optional)
   RS485, non isolated (optional)
   parity  none, even•, odd
   data bits  7•, 8
   stop bits  1•, 2
Baud rate  1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Response time  1 s•
Resolution  0.01 hPa (1 measurement/s)
   0.05 hPa (20 measurements/s)
Analog output   
Outputs  0...5 VDC, 0...2.5 VDC (order specifi ed)
Current consumption   
  normal mode  < 8 mA
  shutdown mode  0.2 mA
Shutdown  ON/OFF
Response time  500 ms
Resolution  300 µV
Measurement rate  3 measurements/s
All models   
Supply voltage (reverse polarity protected)  5 ... 28 VDC
Max. pressure  5 000 hPa abs.
Pressure connector  M5 (10-32) internal thread
Pressure fitting  barbed fi tting for 1/8” I.D. tubing
   electronics  IP65 (NEMA 4)
   sensor  IP53
Housing material  PC plastic
Supply/output cable length  1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 m
   Instrument  110 g
   Cable  28 g/m
Electromagnetic compatibility  Complies with EMC standard
   EN61326-1, Generic Environment
in mm (inches)