Cylindre à sédimentation

Cylindre à sédimentation

  • C-10102

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Settlometers are used to determine percent (%) volume and/or settled sludge volumes (SSVs) for quantifying settling of sludge samples.

Used in conjunction with aeration tank mixed liquor concentrations by volume (ATCs - obtained from the Centrifuge Test) the SSV data can yield Settled Sludge Concentration (SSCs) at respective times. When compared to the return activated sludge concentration by volume (RSC),a powerful process control tool is provided for return sludge flow control.

“The results obtained from the settlometer and centrifuge tests can be combined and used to adjust proper return sludge flow to minimize clarifier sludge detention while maximizing clarifier sludge concentration. This type of operational information demonstrates the superiority of settlometer testing in comparison to simple use of SVI (sludge volume index).”


Each kit is shipped with the following items:

  • C-10100 Settlometer, 1.4 liter cylinder
  • C-10103 Mixing Paddle
  • C-10104 Snap-on Lid
  • Shipping weight is 1 lb.
  • 4.5” diameter X 8.5” tall.

The Raven Settlometer Kit is used to evaluate sludge settling characteristics.
Use with mixed liquor samples to determine the behavior of the sludge in the secondary clarifier.

Also with aerobic digester samples to evaluate supernatants and separation periods for sludge wasting.