• Tours en aluminium pliantes et robustes

Tours en aluminium pliantes et robustes

EXTRA Heavy Duty Fold-Over Tower. The first ten feet of the tower is constructed of galvanized steel.

Design specifications
Tower Height  30 feet
Mast Length over tower  3 feet
Fold-Over hinge height 10 feet
Tower side width  12 3/4"
Length of each section  10 feet
Maximum allowable vertical load on 1 siderail leg  8750 lb.
Max. allowable equipment deadweight at 33 ft. level 50 lbs
Hardware  18-8 SS
Weight per aluminum section  29 lbs.
Steel base section weight  200 lbs
Total shipping weight  500 lbs.
Meets BOCA-UBC-EIA-AASHTO Building Codes

Footing specifications
Concrete Base width  33"
Concrete base depth or below frost line  54"
Cubic yards concrete  1.05

Base Assembly for MF-1333