Afficheur avec alarmes

Afficheur avec alarmes

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  • IED - WM44-P V3 RF

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WM44-P V3 RF has a 3-digit wind speed reading in km/h, mph or m/s.

It is configured to work with ANEMO4403 V3 RF + RF MODULE V3. More than one display can work with a Radio-Frenquency set. Several devices can communicate each other in the same area with no risk of interaction or interference.

  • Wind speed display with 2 alarms
  • Only for use with ANEMO4403 V3 RF + RF MODULE V3
  • Adjustable pre-alarm and alarm
  • RF Communication, according to 802.15.4 standard, 2.4 GHz (worldwide free)
  • 4-20mA analogue output 


  • Alarms
    The alarm is triggered when the wind speed value reaches or exceeds the programmed value. It includes a configurable delay to prevent the alarm from being triggered by gusts of winds.
    The alarm is deactivated when the wind speed drops below the set value. It also has a configurable delay to prevent the alarm from being deactivated by temporary periods of low-intensity wind.
    The activation of ALARM2 deactivates ALARM1. When ALARM2 is activated, the reading will blink to warn about the danger.
    Alarms configuration: Activation values, polarity, intermittent or continuous alarm, alarm latching (only ALARM2)
    Alarms outputs: Relays. Contacts “NO” and “NC” (ALARM1),contact “NO” (ALARM2). Dry relay contacts.
  • Wind speed sensors & Communication
    For exclusive use with the Anemo 4403 RF / BAT wireless sensor. Twin units share the same DL and MY parameters but exchanged. DL and MY parameters are written in the unit label. The sensor and the WM44-P V3 RF communicate each other through RF 802.15.4 2.4 GHz, that is a worldwide free frequency band.
  • Default user setting
    The setting can be saved as “Default user setting” and can be retrieved when necessary P00 – (3). If no configuration has been saved, the factory configuration can be reset with this process.
  • Minimum and Maximum wind values recording
    WM44-P RF automatically records the minimum and the maximum wind speed value.
    To access the programming buttons, insert a flat-headed screwdriver into the groove marked as “Open to program” and lever the front cover out.
    Press “ENTER” to see the minimum value and press it again to see the maximum one. After 3 seconds it will automatically display the current wind speed again.
    To delete both the maximum and minimum values, press “ESCAPE” for 2 seconds.

Note: Both values are deleted when the power is cut off.

Power supply230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
24 Vdc
Power consumption< 3.5 VA @ 230 Vac
< 3.5 W @ 24 Vdc
Type of communicationIEEE 802.15.4. ISM 2.4 GHz
Transmission power10 mW (10dBm)
Receiver Sensitivity -100 dBm
Communicating rangeIndoor/Urban :
60 m maximum, 30 m tipically
Outdoor. Line-of-sight:
750 m maximum, 200 m tipically
Maximum speed200 km/h, 124 mph o 55.5 m/s
Analogue output 
TypeIntensity, 4-20mA
Max. connectable impedance500 ohm
Analogue output accuracy1.5 %
General features
DimensionsSee drawing 
Weight 350 g
Storage temperature-35 ºC to +70 ºC
Working temperature-20 ºC to +70 ºC
IP Rating IP50
EMCEN 61000-6-2:2001
EN 55022:2001, Class B