Infiltromètre Double Anneaux

Infiltromètre Double Anneaux

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This is a simple, inexpensive method for determining permeability of soils.

The Double Ring Infiltrometer is the only EPA approved instrument of its kind available commercially.

The infiltration rate is controlled by the least permeable zone in the subsurface soils. With the Double Ring Infiltrometer, it is easy to test several areas of a large tract to find the infiltration rate. It also provides comparative information that is useful for determining erosion rates, leaching and drainage efficiencies, irrigation patterns, and rainfall runoff.

The instrument consists of two concentric rings, driving plate, with handles, for inner and outer rings. The outer ring is 24" diameter; the inner ring 12" diameter. The two rings are driven into the ground and partially filled with water. The double ring design helps prevent divergent flow in layered soils. The outer ring acts as a barrier to encourage only vertical flow from the inner ring.

The water level is maintained for a specific period of time, using the mariotte tube, depending on the type of soil and permeability level. The volume of water needed to maintain a specified level and the time factors are recorded. This information is converted into a specific infiltration rate using the data sheet provided with the kit.

Each Mariotte tube includes a clamp, clamp holder, 30" long spike rod and 12 ft. length of 1/4" tubing.

The Mariotte Tube is individually calibrated and is graduated from 0-3000 ml in 50 ml subdivisions which are easy to read.

Basic Double Ring Infiltrometer Kit which contains double ring infiltrometer cylinders with lid, liquid level spike, Mariotte tube, splash guards, soil tamping tool, data sheet, pad with graph paper, and test instruction book.

Complete Infiltrometer Kit

A complete Double Ring Infiltrometer Kit, meets all requirements of ASTM Standard D3385. This kit contains Infiltrometer with components shown above plus a 12 lb. sledge, wood anvil block, 6 foot steel measuring tape, shovel and trenching spade, 3" hand auger, water pail, stopwatch and carpenter's level.

CAT. No.Description
RI1003006-Complete Infiltrometer Kit 235 lbs.
RI1003012-Small Mariotte Tube - 3000 ml 6 lbs.
RI1003014-Large Mariotte Tube - 10,000 ml 8 lbs.