• Échantillonneur d’eau et de boue super résistant

Échantillonneur d’eau et de boue super résistant

For maximum strength and rigidity

- use the Sludge Judge® Ultra! Designed for sampling 5% or less solids, and is constructed of extremely strong polycarbonate that is treated with an ultraviolet stabilizer to help reduce deterioration from the Aharmful rays. The material is very rigid, minimizing bending of the unit when it is full of water or other liquids. Durable in cold temperatures; can withstand heat up to 280° F, 138° C (with careful handling). The 3/4", 1.9 cm diameter tubing is marked with blue tape to designate 1ft., .31 m measurements on the tubing. Unit is made up of three 5-ft., 1.53 m sections (top, extension, bottom). Individual sections can be combined as required. The Sludge Judge® is not autoclavable.


Ordering Informations

Part Number Description
NAB01386WA Échantillonneur Sludge Judge Ultra, 15'
NAB01291WA Brosse pour Sludge Judge
NAC09249WA Étui pour Sludge Judge