• Station météorologique mobile

Station météorologique mobile


Effective management of pesticide drift is increasingly important to pesticide applicators. Now you can monitor and data log weather conditions with the new ultrasonic WatchDog Sprayer Station.

This all-in-one weather station measures air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind chill, barometric pressure, and apparent wind speed and direction. It handles adverse conditions with a UV stabilized, compact housing that is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Reliability is enhanced by eliminating moving parts: the traditional wind vane and cups have been replaced with ultrasonic transducers.

The WatchDog Sprayer Station is more than a compact and capable weather station. While on-the-go, the station uses its internal compass and GPS to adjust the wind sensor values by subtracting the vehicle speed and direction to compute the true wind speed and direction.

When connected to a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile PDA (not included), the included software program provides a large, easy-to-read display of the current conditions.
Monitored conditions include: wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and GPS parameters (vehicle speed & direction, location, and satellite signal strength).
Continuously log your weather parameters at a user-selectable rate or hit the “Save” button to capture a snaphot of the current conditions.The WatchDog Sprayer Station package includes the sensor unit with magnetic mount, CD with display/logging program for use on a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile PDA, 15 foot cable with vehicle power and serial connectors.


Wind Speed Range 0.6 to 114 mph (1 to 185 km/h)
Wind Speed Resolution 0.12 mph (0.2 km/h)
Wind Speed Accuracy ±1.12 mph (±1.8 km/h)
Wind Direction Resolution
Wind Direction Accuracy ±1.5°
Operating Temperature -22° to 122°F (-30° to 50°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±2.7°F (±1.5°C)
Relative Humidity Range 10 to 95%
Relative Humidity Accuracy ±5%
Barometric Pressure Range 4.4 to 34 in-Hg (113 to 862 mm-Hg)
Barometric Pressure Accuracy ±1.5%
Power Supply Voltage 12VDC


WatchDog Sprayer System Sensors:
• Apparent Wind Speed and Direction
• True Wind Speed and Direction (computed)
• Relative Humidity
• Barometric Pressure
• GPS: Course and Speed
• Air Temperature
• Dew Point (computed)



Operating Principle
The WatchDog Sprayer Station contains four ultrasonic transducers which operate in pairs-one injects a pluse into the air, and the one directly opposite it listens for the arrival of that pulse. When there is no wind, the pulse travels at the speed of sound from the sender to the receiver. When the wind is traveling in that direction, the pulse arrives sooner, and similarly if the pulse is traveling against the wind, the pulse arrives later. The four transducers take turns sending and receiving, and a built-in microprocessor combines the four measurements once each second to calculate the wind speed and direction. By checking the GPS, the vehicle speed and direction is subtracted, and the true wind speed and direction computed.