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Laser Scanner

  • - X300
  • 14,995.00 $ CAD

Stonex X300 is the best solution for any application, balancing economic efficiency and highly accurate outputs.

The sealed external case protects optic and EDM components allowing the scanner to operate in dusty environments without risk of damaging sensitive parts. Thanks to its easy of use and the astonishing relationship between costs and operating performance, the Stonex X300 scanner can be used to successfully carry out large-scale campaign of 3D data collection such as digital cities applications.


Monitoring Kit

External Power Supply with Ethernet cable control. Kit designed for ail kind of monitoring applications. With just one cable plug, you con provide external power supply to the X300, control the scanner remotely and download scan data via Ethernet  connection.

The kit includes:

  • Hard plastic carrying case
  • Shielded cable  ( lO m)
  • AC/DC adapter power supply
  • Smart box
  • Ethernet cable


Kit designed to connect the GNSS receiver to the X300 Laser Scanner. For outdoor use, the easiest way to georeference your 3D  data.

The kit includes:

  • Hard plastic carrying case
  • Shielded  cable  (0,5 m)
  • Tnc  angle adapter  (m-f)  50 ohm
  • 5/8 une adapter
  • GPRS folding antenna

X300 Framework

X300 Frameworkallows the scanner to perform a full scan of  coverings  executing a rotation of 240° (the scan also covers the surrounding wa lls and part of the  underlying surface). Thanks  to this accessory it is possible now to shorten both time of work in  the  field and the time  of  post-processing, because the  number  of  scons  required is reduced. The accessory is  sold bundled with the trolley for storing even the laser scanner, the battery, the charger  and  the  tribrach.

Field of view (horizontal) 360° (full panoramic)
Field of view (vertical) 90° (from -25° to +65°)
Scan rate Up to 40000 points/sec
Laser Beam Divergence 0.37 mrad 
Resolution 39 mm x 39 mm à 100 m
Accuracy < 6 mm to 50 m - ( 1sigma)
< 40 mm to 300 m
Scanning optics Vertically rotating mirror, horizontally rotating base
Laser Class class  1 (eye safe)
Integrated cameras 5 + 5 Mpx
Resolution (2592 x 1944) x 2 px
Data storage Integrated 32 Gb memory
Data transfer Wi-Fi, USB device, Ethernet
Scanner control Dedicated Wi-Fi web interface for smartphone/tablet (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile)
Scanner (L x L x H ) 215 mm x 170 mm x 430 mm
Weight 6.15 kg / 12.35 lbs (without battery)
Battery (L X L X H) 42 mm x 165  mm x 120  mm
Battery weight 0.85 kg / 1.76 lbs
Power supply 12 V (battery or external power unit)
Power consumption 40 W (on average)
Battery type Li-Poly
Operation > 3 h
Operating temp.  -10°c to +50°C /  14°F à 122°F
Storage temp.  -25°C to +80°c /  -13°F à 176°F
Humidity non-condensing
Protection class IP65