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Digital Level

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Sprinter 150

Model : Sprinter 150

Sprinter 150M

Model : Sprinter 150M

Sprinter 250M

Model : Sprinter 250M

The one-button electronic level

Easy handling

Improve the quality of your daily measuring tasks. Get the results simply by the push of a button. The one-button level is easy to use also without specific instructions or trainings. Glaring sun shine or rain does not stop the Leica Sprinter 50 as it is dust and jet-water protected (protection class IP 55). The results can be read-out from the highly visible LCD even in unfavourable light conditions.

Reliable and error free measurements

Avoiding expensive measuring errors can save you a lot of money. The build-in tilt sensor of the Leica Sprinter 50 prevents the system from measuring if you operate outside the compensator range. Due to this safety check, you can be sure to get always accurate results.

Sprinter 150Sprinter 150MSprinter 250M
Height Accuraciesstandard deviation height measurement per 1 km double run
(ISO 17123-2)
Electronic measurement*1.5 mm1.5 mm1.0/0.7* mm
Optical measurementWith standard aluminium E-scale/numeral staff: 2.5 mm
Single staff readingStandard deviation: 0.6 mm (electronic) and 1.2 mm (optical) at 30 m
Distance accuraciesStandard deviation distance easurement 10 mm for D ≤ 10 m and (distance in m x 0.001) for D > 10 m
Range2-100 m (electronic)
Measurng modessingle and tracking
Time for single measurement< 3 sec
CompensatorMagnet damped pendulum compensator (range ± 10 min)
Telescopemagnification (optical) 24x
Data Storageup to 1000 pointsup to 1000 pointsup to 2000 points
Protection classIP 55
Power supplyAA dry cells (4xLR6/AA/AM3 1.5 v)
Weight< 2.5 kg