• GPS Correction Service

GPS Correction Service

  • SmartNet is a network of permanent GPS and/or GNSS receivers whose combined data is used to generate RTK corrections for a rover.
  • This network generated RTK corrections are called Network RTK.
  •  Today, RTK Networks are operating in many countries over the world, such as the US & Canada.
  • These RTK corrections can be generated by more than one method - Master-Auxiliary corrections (MAX), Individualized MAX (i-MAX) and Virtual Reference Station.
  • GENEQ propose  user subscribes to a Network RTK Service to receive RTK corrections with their rover (instead of setting up their own reference/base station).


  • No need to purchase, set up or maintain your own base station
  • High reliability RTK and DGNSS corrections
  • The accuracy of the rover position is consistent and homogeneous across the area covered by the Network
  • The network quality is continuously monitored by Bernese software
  • RTK corrections are provided in standardised format (RTCM)
  • Corrections are provided using the best RTK Network methods (MAX - iMAX - VRS)
  • Receive text alerts on network status