• Barcol durometer Impressor

Barcol durometer Impressor

  • GYZJ934-1

The GYZJ934-1 is designed for soft metals such as aluminum and its alloys, brass, copper, some of the toughest plastics and fiberglass. Approximate range of 25 to 150 Brinell (ball 10mm, load 500kg). This hardness is according to ASTM D-2583.



The Impressor is an easy to use tool for checking the hardness of aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass and other materials including plastics and fiberglass. It is designed to be used on the manufactured parts and assemblies, and the crude material.

The Impressor particularly suitable for the verification of homogeneous materials. The materials of granular structure, fibrous or coarse produce a large variation in hardness readings because of the small diameter of the penetrator.


  • Hardness is indicated on the dial which is graduated in hundredths
  • The Impressor can be used in any position
  • No wait before taking your measurements


PAGYZJ9341 Barcol durometer Impressor
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