• Compression Jig Assembly

Compression Jig Assembly

for Rock Core Specimens

  • GEN0568-00

ASTM D2938

The jig assembly is used for uniaxial compressive strength tests of rock core specimens with 50 to 55 mm dia. and 100 to 110 mm height.

Consists of a two-column frame fit with an upper platen with spherical seat that moves vertically sustained by a spring.

The lower platen is fit to the base.The assembly is also used for compressive shtenght test of natural stone core specimens. Compression Jig Assembly is used for uniaxial compressive strength for rock core specimens. 


ASTM D2938

Platens Dimensions 55 mm dia, 28 mm thick
Min. Hardness of Platens 58 HRC
Vertical Clearance 112 mm
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 250 mm
Weight (approx.) 10 kg