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  • SE090G

Melting crucibles are made from the highest quality raw materials for the best mechanical strength in melting and refining gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals.

Premium Clay Crucibles

Improved resistance to wall erosion and refractory qualities, maximum temp of 2,250°F.

Catalog Number Volume Count Shipping Weight
SE090G-046 20g 64 52 lbs
SE090G-048 30g 64 55 lbs
SE090G-052 40g 48 56 lbs

Colorado Crucibles

Multi-purpose use and designed for many melts. Composite of Alumina, Silica and fire clay. Maximum temp of 2400°F.

The Colorado Blend clay crucible has a higher thermal shock rating, and will generally have a longer life in assaying applications.

Catalog Number Volume Count Shipping Weight
SE090G-900 15g 64 40 lbs
SE090G-902 30g 64 55 lbs
SE090G-904 40g 48 56 lbs

Assay Crucibles

The Assay Crucibles feature the standard clay blend and the Colorado Blend of clay crucible. Both are for working temperatures up to 2,000° F. The standard clay crucible is designed to give suitable use under standard operating conditions.

Currently, 40 gram and 30 gram are the primary size crucibles used for fire assaying. All assay crucibles will give good service at temperatures up to 2,000° F (1,093° C).

Catalog Number Volume (CC) Height (in) Diameter
No./Case Weight/Case Capacity
SE090G-008 22 4.4 3.5 64 40 Lbs 30 Grams
SE090G-012 30 5.25 3.5 48 40 Lbs 40 Grams
SE090G-004 13 3.8 2.88 64 33 Lbs 15 Grams

Clay Graphite Crucibles

Clay graphite crucibles are primarily used in melting operations, and are suitable for use up to 3,050°F. Clay graphite represent a good value, have excellent thermal shock properties, and are generally the choice for melting precious metals in melting furnaces. This series is the small capacity crucibles for melting small quantities in laboratory size furnaces. Below are general dimensions and capacities.

Crucible # H (in.) BD (in.) TP (in.) BLG (in.) Capacity in Red Brass (Lbs.)
2 4.625 2.625 3.9375 3.875 4.74
4 5.0625 2.875 4.25 4.1875 8.5
6 6.625 3.625 5.375 5.375 15.41
8 7.125 4 5.75 5.375 20.74
16 9.5 5.5 7 7.5 53